Need some help about apartments near Pasaraya Block M, Jakarta


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Oct 9, 2019
I am moving to Jakarta this November and need to find an apartment near my office which is at Pasaraya Block M.
Need some reference/idea about fully furnished studio apartments or 2BR apartments near Pasaraya Block M or at least a short distance away. What is the Average Monthly Rent, what is the rent policy, what are the amenities? etc


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Jul 31, 2016
Here you can browse the 2BR for rent close by:

120 sqm is quite big for a two bedroom apartment (often with two bathrooms then). Nowadays they are built with a size of 60 m2, which is tiny. There are no grades for apartments like in Bangkok or so (A-C), you will have to look for yourself what you want. There's also not a big difference for the position/height of the floor; normally the highest floors and best views are most expensive, but in Indonesia the lower floors (often with garden view) are much more popular.

Swimming pool, fitness room, etc. is almost always included. Normally there's security and a concierge in the building (lobby). You pay a deposit and in advance for the full year.

The renter (=you) doesn't only pay for the electricity, water and Internet, but also pays the building management fee. (Maintenance of common areas etc.) And that could be quite some extra money on top of the rental price.
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