Mosque loudspeakers

So what do they mean? Local yokel?

Other cultures surely don't use those expressions. A septic would not know what a bogan is. Redneck doesn't work in Scotland as the sun doesn't shine there much? Chookta maybe?
Nah it goes deeper than that. Cultural and regional antipathy and all that entails.
Bogan’s a better term since it doesn’t have a lot of baggage with it. I wish it would catch on in the US.
The original rednecks were Scots weren’t they?
btw, There is no edit button anymore. Can moderators help me with that? In my text numbered #147 I kindly request this sentence to be deleted. "You are not talking to a hillbilly or a redneck who doesn't have the faintest idea about what he is writing."

Thank you in advance and sorry for the unintentionally caused trouble. :angel:
I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s clear you meant no harm.
The link to the edit button is the triangle next to the 'report' button.
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