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Jan 18, 2018
I hate to say this but I was conned by my wife and her family. A couple years ago we were going to move there for a few years. At one point I sent a bunch of money to her mother to be put in CDs to earn interest which we were going to live on while we lived there. At the time I was recovering from cancer.

Prior to moving it was discovered I had a large brain tumor that was removed. This was aside the cancer I had prior to it. After it was removed I changed my mind about moving there and her family has refused to return the money. I've filed for divorce here because of it and hired a law firm there to try getting it back. I'm being told that I may have registered the marriage there. It's possible because there is a lot I don't remember because the tumor was huge and caused a lot of problems some of which was being very forgetful. They even stole the children's savings. That's the type of scum I'm dealing with. All together it's around $500k is what they've stolen.

I'm being told by the law firm I hired that if the marriage was registered that I might be subject to Indonesian marriage laws because of it. It may have been done because I remember being told a pack of lies that it had to be in order to live there. I'm still waiting to see if it's been filed and more importantly when. Does the timing of it matter if it was before or after I sent the money?

If it's discovered the filing is either after the fact, which is very possible or a forgery ( I dont' remember signing anythign) would I still be subject to those laws that seem to give her family the right to keep the money from me?

It's at the point where it's going to the police for criminal prosecution and the law firm I hired is on the up and up. The usual process of 3 demand letters and attempted meetings have been done. I have to go there to testify some time soon which I want to do. I'd like 5 minutes alone in a locked room with her filthy mother, sister, and all the rest of them but I'll have to settle for just presenting a statement to the national police. Does anyone know or have experience with how the courts typically rule. Would her family have the right to withhold the money even though they have no claim to it only because the soon to be X is telling them not to send it?


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Sep 30, 2016
Just give it up and walk away, you have zero chance of getting any of it back and will only end up losing more with expensive lawyers and police costs

Love is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand. Or five hundred in your case


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May 9, 2020
I'm a little confused as to why your marriage being registered in Indonesia would make a difference in whether or not you could win a court case. Your wife is a US citizen, correct? Either way, winning a court case in Indonesia would only be half the battle, you would still have to find some way to actually recover the money. I would imagine the money is long gone, unfindable or a little of both. Also, given the fact that it also involves multiple countries, it's going to be long, expensive, and probably unwinnable battle.

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