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Jul 19, 2016
Wife decided she wanted something to do and decided what better way than to get a couple birds to look after. Off she went and brought home 2 bugies and a cage. Made a hanger to put the cage on and all was good. 2 days later, birds gone. Checking CCTV and seen they slipped through the cage wires.

Birds gone. I thought end of operation bird. Ha, along comes wife with a single love bird. Said they are fatter so won't slip out. She was right there. Learned Love birds like to be in pairs. A long comes another. She loves all their different noises. Thankfully they are outside.

Along comes another cage and 2 more love birds. Well, she was content. She was getting into it and started adding more birds and cages. Started with 3 round cages only to graduate to larger rectangle cages because someone told her that she could put more together. Got up to 14 love birds. Lost one for who knows why but she gave it a decent burial.

Cages everywhere so next step was for me to build a cage so they could all be together. Spent a week building a 3.5 Cube meter cage. All living together now peacefully for the most part. The pairs she thought were pairs decided that, hey, lets confuse everyone and get new partners.

Needed some boxes so they could get some privacy. I warned her what could happen but like always, didn't listen to me. We now have 5 lovebird chicks in various stages of development. Up to 18 total. Couple more pairs look like they are interested in shacking up so who knows what may be around the corner.

I told her since the young birds need to be separated from their parents that we will put them in seperated cages and she could offer them to her bird supplyer. We'll see how that goes. I am not building a large avery.

Easy to find our house. Just open a window and follow the sounds of a flock of birds.
had a similar situation with guineapigs at 1 time & would take the babies to the petshop in return for guineapig food
Koi is a good one. They are big $$$ when they grow bigger. But need security from birds and thieves. If you have space for a small pond

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