Looking for work- not a "job"


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Jul 16, 2016
I signed on with these guys:

& whilst the money isn't fab the flexibility is great & in my first 24 hours with them they came up with over 10 potential students.
They take the fees from the first 2 meetings & after that it is all down to the tutor and student to deal with. no % or anything. It all seems really straightforward.

& legit as far as I know for those of us on spouse sponsored visas.
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Jaime C

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Jul 16, 2016
Perhaps you could monetize your social work on a YouTube channel to make a few dollars.
The Youtube monetization ship has sailed, unless you have tens of millions of views.

The medium sized players, like Sacha Stevenson, have seen their incomes decrease dramatically over the last 6 months.


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Jul 27, 2019
I am interested in interesting work- preferably from home or in beautiful Bandung OR in Jakarta if the money is ludicrous sums.
I am not under 30, nor cantik and to be honest, not that interested in working for/with people who think these things are essentials. Read no further if that is you. :)

My sense of humour is still alive and kicking as is my patience, my bum-cheeks are less alive as they have spent way too many hours on a moped in traffic jams, I have a fairly quick brain, reasonable Bhs Indonesian skills, reasonable internetty typingy thingy skills.
I have a BA & have a file full of certificates and qualifications & am intelligent, versatile & flexible and confident in public speaking. I cook, bake, brew, garden & love to keep my mind busy. My work experience ranges from social care to writing/tutoring/teaching/orienting new people/pet care/running my own businesses and so on (too much to list - PM me).

Originally from the UK, I have been in Indonesia long enough to understand that I can't yet & never will understand the place but it is fun trying.
I have an ITAP visa which permits me to work here with little bureaucracy involved. Over my time here I have gathered a wide & diverse network of contacts in and around Indonesia.
The negative nelly parts: I like people I work with to be reasonably professional- I am not a fan of jam karet & last minute cancellations (unless for good reason) however, I am working on that side of my patience levels.

So if you have need of someone with my attributes, wit & charm; PM me for more info.
Hi if you are interested in a teaching opportunity. do get in [email protected][email protected]

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