Looking for Used Portable Projector


Aug 9, 2016
I'm trying to find a used (but functioning) portable projector, but I'm not really sure where I could go to get reliable second-hand goods. I plan on looking in Mangga Dua but I wanted to see if anyone on here knows of any other places where I might be able to find one.

The problem is that those lamps are so expensive and have a maximum amount of hours. Approx. 2-3 years with average use. I think most have hour counters but if those can be manipulated?

Good to know. I am also thinking about purchasing a projector, instead of tv. But are lamps easy to find and not too difficult to replace without the help of an expert? Would be sad if I had to throw the projector into the bin after only 2-3 years :(
The lamps are not difficult to replace, you nowadays don't even have to remove the beamer from the ceiling or so.

Now spending $150-300 every two-three years on lamps isn't so nice. (Often the lifespan they give are too optimistic and assume using Eco mode.) But that wasn't the reason I didn't get one when we were considering this 100" setup.

So we were looking at a 4K Beamer which should also support gaming. Then BenQ with DLP had somewhat better options than Epson (LCD), quality wise and less noisy. But it still needed a darkened room. As well as good audio equipment. And the position and distance of the projector was not ideal with a rather complicated cable installation. (Even if there is wireless HDMI). Also, a white wall is never as good as a screen. And a fixed and tightened screen is almost needed since the ones you lower and pull up are not straight anymore over time.

So it became a 65" TV instead.
Yeah, I can see your point. Makes sense to decide for a TV in your case :)

I am thinking about trying a quite low-budget projector since we do not know for how long we will stay in our current location. So, I thought about a cheap TV at first and, in case of moving to another island or back to Europe, gift it to somebody nice here.

But then I thought about trying a projector. In case it is better than my expectations, I might be able to keep it if moving further since it should be portable easier than a TV. If I am not satisfied, I do not lose too much money plus being richer by one experience :)

I think I will go with Cheerlux C9. Costs about 1.12 jt at the moment and, considering the price, it has quite good specifications. Reviews found online also good. So, hopefully, it will serve its purpose. And if better than expected, I might be able to keep it; then I should also be willing to accept the costs for new lamps every few years, I guess :)

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