Local Caretaker wanted for Stroke Rehabilitation Patient


Mar 1, 2021
Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone had contacts with potential contacts for a caretaker for a Stroke Rehabilitation Patient.
He is from the KSA and would like to get rehabilitation therapy in Jakarta. We've found a hotel and a clinic but haven't been able to find someone to take care of him for 30 days. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I'm sorry to hear about your search for a caretaker for a stroke rehab patient. How's it going? Did you manage to find someone?
That sounds like a big responsibility, and I hope you find someone who can provide the support needed. If I may, I wanted to share a little something that could be helpful in this situation. Taking care of a stroke patient can be demanding, so it's crucial to ensure they have access to proper medication to manage their symptoms. Have you heard of Eliquis? It's a prescription medicine that reduces the risk of stroke and blood clots in people with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. If needed, use the Eliquis coupon 2023 to help with the cost. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in your search.
Wow, expensive stuff that Apixaban; $470 for a blood thinner?! In promo!
Rat poison is cheaper and the same thing
Warfarin blood thinner
Alcoholic drinks are also quite good blood thinners. Or a simple aspirin.
Alcoholic drinks are also quite good blood thinners. Or a simple aspirin.
Years ago went on the low dose aspirin. Later was changed to full dose 350mg. Get here and not thinking bought aspirin and all hell broke loose after a few months of taking. Locally, they are 500mg. Aspirin thins blood. Can cause excessive bleeding or slower clotting time for wounds. What I discovered is that it also thins the walls of veins thus causing weakness within them. Mine started rupturing. Got off the aspirin and things finally returned to normal Started back on them but first crushed and then measured out by thirds daily. No problems since but have to be careful of straining some areas in fear of new ruptures in the veins. Sometimes I can get someone to bring some aspirin from the US for me but I still crush them and use a lower dose.

Doctors here don't suggest aspirin. They like to prescribe meds that do the exact same thing that cost a juta or more a month. Same for high blood pressure control. Mine is 25 rebu for 2 months compared to doctors wanting to prescribe 30 days worth for 2 juta a month.
Years ago went on the low dose aspirin

Yes, that’s why they created this (my mom took it)…


I think they do sell a ‘low dose’ version here (also from Bayer).
I get Eliquis prescribed in the US. My insurance pays about $600 a month for it. Each monthly pill bottle with 60 pills is only 1/5th full. So if I combine bottles into one container, it’s $3000 in pills in a not very large container.

My Indonesian doctor checked to see if Eliquis was available here, and it wasn’t, at least not 5 years ago. Warfarin is, and is quite cheap here.

I also take a daily injection to bring my A1C levels down, but it’s not insulin. Over $800 a month in the US.
bring my A1C levels down, but it’s not insulin. Over $800 a month in the US.

Ozempic -for type 2- seems to exist here (according to MIMS).

Generally, medication here is rather cheap. Of course you need to make sure it’s from a reliable source. Some things are also produced in India what is not necessarily bad, but there can be fakes anywhere.

We got Epogen for a family member and it’s amazing what the price difference with for instance Europe is. And yes, it was real and did work.
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It’s not Ozempic, but Victoza. I just stockpile my prescriptions and bring the here. Not a fan of paying $800 per month.

Many medications are pretty reasonably priced here. I do recall, before my US insurance kicked in, of buying about a years worth of medication in Sri Lanka 4 years ago. It was 30-70% cheaper than Indonesia on most things.
It’s not Ozempic, but Victoza.
Over here they have a generic version of the Liraglutide

It was 30-70% cheaper than Indonesia
I often take Ranitidine and Omeprazole to Europe since they seem to be very expensive there. (And only available on prescription esp. for the higher strength.)

‘Low dose‘ version of Bayer aspirine

$13-$15 for 400 tablets

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