Left Indonesia without an EPO. Will I be able to come back in the future?


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Feb 19, 2021
In August 2020, I left Indonesia shortly before my ITAS expired. But I did not receive an EPO prior to leaving because my university didn't want to handle such matters due to the ongoing pandemic. While I was able to leave from Soekarno-Hatta airport in spite of not having arranged an EPO and just getting a reentry stamp instead, I'm worried I might have issues with immigration or entering Indonesia in the future since my ITAS expired abroad without going through the official process. A few months ago, one of the staff at my former university contacted me saying the international student office was taking care of my exit permit a few months after my ITAS already expired. I'm doubtful that that will have any effect on the issues I may face in the future though.

I would like to get married to a WNI over there, but I'm not sure if it'll be possible for me to get an ITAS through my spouse after getting married or even be possible to enter Indonesia at all. Do you guys know of any repercussions that come from an ITAS expiring abroad? I've tried searching for information, but I haven't found much at all regarding this particular issue.


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Sep 30, 2016
Just get a new passport. At least worst case you have a new 10 year passport and they can't see how many times you've been before and what stamps you had

The computer likely will just say last exit was 2020
Regardless you will have to enter on a tourist visa and no tourists are allowed at the moment unless you plan on processing a new kitas from outside indonesia


Aug 31, 2020
...or just substitute the missing EPO with "MERP-Tidak Kembali". It's basically EPO for people who already left Indonesia. Your former university seems to be helpful and showing responsibility, so this will be the best and easiest way. As a sponsor they will arrange this locally. They might need proof of your departure to process it (i.e. copy of departure stamp or flight tickets) besides the other immigration docs related to your KITAS as part of the procedure. I guess the details depend on the local immigration office and they will advise. Attached is what the MERP looks like, you should ask them for a copy.

It's an easy procedure. Going out/emigration is always easy, coming in/immigration much harder,
I think it applies to all countries. :)


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