Leaving contract early - financial penalty


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Feb 22, 2020
Good afternoon everybody,

I am currently working in Indonesia. I have been having a number of issues with my workplace, but nonetheless would ideally like to stick the contract out to completion.

However, if I were to quit I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer some advice. There is a relatively large financial penalty for resigning from the contract early. As I would be quitting due to the workplaces negligence, I'd ideally like to avoid paying it. Obviously they are not going to process an EPO for me if I do not pay. What would happen if I left without getting an EPO? Is it easy enough to sort this outside Indonesia? Would the company be able to cause issues for any future visits to Indonesia?

I realise this is not a particularly ethical solution but the company has caused the issues themselves.

Thanks in advance for any advice that can be offered!


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Sep 30, 2016
And when will they be posting their side of the story? Anyway at best it will go to court, cost you money and you will lose. At worse they will make your life a misery about the EPO and put you on a blacklist. If only couple of months just either suck it up and don't renew, or go to HR and mention some family tragedy at home and you have to be let go out of the contract early, and you will be happy to sign anything and both walk away amicably, no bonus or flight or lawyers etc, and they just give your EPO and you leave within 7 days. Maybe they also don't need your drama and will let you go but they will insist you leave and they might still put you on blacklist after you leave, so don't expect to come back next month for a new job.
Welcome to Indonesia!


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Jul 31, 2016
Yeah, I think 'financial penalty' will be only one of your concerns if you plan to come back. There is nothing anymore to 'sort out' the moment you just leave.

William King

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Jul 18, 2016
To be honest, the problem with no EPO is bigger for the company than the individual. If you skip out, they cannot hire an expat replacement until they sort out your EPO or lack of EPO.


Jul 1, 2019
Since I can relate to this last year, I sympathize with you. But, if you stick it out you will be stronger in the end.

It's not like back home. Wherever home is. But, that's what we were looking for. Something different.

After the 6 month mark it's much easier to put up with the bull honky. The home sickness reduces significantly, also. Just stop complaining internally and externally. Plan your vacations and weekends well. Make friends. Explore the country. Find your comfort foods and spots. Your favourite shows. When your done you will be able to hold your head up high and the next job will feel like a walk in the park.

..................... but if you are in a world of butthurt, weak, scared, unable to cope and crying uncontrollably, and not wanting to become stronger. Getting fired is not too difficult. Teach in your bathing suit. Wear a batik and a pair of tidy whities with the batik tucked in, give a stank donation on your manager's car. Most importantly be creative, keep getting paid but no doing your job, recieve a lot of complaints from clients. (Unethical)(not recomended)(dont break the law)


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Jul 19, 2016
I don't know. There are warnings everywhere on the bad side of expats working for Indonesian businesses and even then, people sign a contract. You would think one would make sure the contract was black and white for them and have an understanding of what is available to protect them. After all that, if you sign, you should be man\woman enough to uphold your side of the contract. When it's done, go home.

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