Lamination of legal documents query/UK passport for newborn baby

Matthew Beech

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Oct 30, 2019
Hi there
Sorry if this has been posted already. I did a quick search and found nothing.

I am a UK expat resident in Indonesia (8 years now) and happily married to an Indonesian. I had a baby daughter born a few weeks back in Jakarta. This is my third child here. As we usually do, once we got the birth certificate we had it laminated. We do this with all legal docs.

Now, researching new passport requirements, it states that laminated docs are not accepted for UK passport applications in Jakarta/Indonesia. However, we did not have this issue with our last son, born in 2016. Our marriage certificate and both our birth certificates are laminated. As noted, I have used these before to get my last son's UK passport at VFS in Kuningan. No issue at all.

Can anyone tell me how stringent VFS in Kuningan is about this right now? It's a major cost and hassle to have all documents reissued.

Many thanks for any replies.


Mr. 10,000
Jul 31, 2016
Hi Matthew,
Don't know how VFS would react. But in other things I've seen they're sometimes more catholic than the pope.

The argumentation against lamination does make sense btw, but there are cases where they have no choice:

Laminated documents

This policy confirms that Laminated Documents should not be accepted in support of a passport application (see two exceptions below).

IPS regional offices have a very small percentage of applications supported by laminated documents. Documents that are laminated are usually birth certificates, marriage certificates and naturalisation/registration certificates.

IPS examiners cannot be sure that the laminated documents submitted with an application are genuine.

Major concerns regarding laminated documents are that watermarks cannot be easily distinguished, nor can the quality of the paper be felt, and with naturalisation/registration certificate the security features such as the heat reactive number cannot be utilised.

Laminated documents must not be accepted in support of passport applications, unless in cases covered by the exceptions shown below. Examiners must request unlaminated versions of the documents submitted.

If a laminated change of name deed or a laminated marriage certificate has been produced in support of a passport application for change of name evidence only, then examiners can accept the laminated document.

All birth certificates issued in Singapore are laminated by the Singapore Registry of Births at the time of issue and can therefore be accepted in support of a passport application.

Many documents issued in Malaysia are laminated

Etc. etc.

Matthew Beech

New Member
Oct 30, 2019
Thanks. Yep, saw all that yet cannot for the life of me remember what we did three years ago with my middle son, as all our docs were laminated then, too. I assume they made an exception and that it may be a case-by-case basis or even what mood the officer is in at the time. Sad to say.

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