JKT-Bali-Jkt Travel Experience


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Jul 17, 2016
So..just got back from a few days from Bali vaca...my first time getting poked in the nose...those antigen tests, they ain't too bad. As per yesterday, we asked about who can/can't fly. Apparently 70 year old+ can fly. Children can fly, but not as a tourist. Say if her/his house is in Bali and traveling to Bali as to 'return' home (and vice versa) then it's okay, at least that's what the guy at the (Garuda) ticket desk told us. No social distancing of any kind in the plane (as they announced it as we were sitting)...technically I'd say it should be safe...if everybody is wearing masks, and proven Covid negative.. A bit under two hours, and it was peaceful (read: no crying kids). Reason why we picked Garuda although more expensive, because we thought at least they'd provide meals...supposedly given to us as we wait for boarding...nope. No food, no water, none whatsoever. So, probably we'll use Air Asia next time.

Pedulilindungi/Antigen tests: Got it at Royal Progress Jakarta, it was quick and easy. Everybody from the front desk/security to the nurse/tester knew what they were doing and clearly explained and assured us that we'll get confirmation email, tests results via email (and in pedulilindungi), of course...just to be safe, we still need to spend 20 thousand Rups for the printed test. All done in an hour.

Soekarno Hatta: There were quite a few people considering the pandemic. Interestingly, quite a few people flying business class. Had to fill out the E-hac, which is another extra stuff that we don't need. Filled out all the info, but if you clicked 'foreign' as citizen, then it won't give you KTP as an option (only passport I think). So, Indonesian it was....entered the NIK...and intermittently it was on/off. Had to form a cue for the antigen result check, first person didn't know what she was doing, but as there were more and more people lined up behind me, she just told me to move forward to the scanner area (person there knows what she was doing) and just directed me to open the antigen QR code, one short beep and i was on my way. Didn't need to show the letter. As we were sitting, overheard a few people saying (surprise!) the Ehac had some issues and the server was down.

Ngurah Rai: Pretty smooth arriving there, nothing crazy happening that was memorable. A day before returning, went to Siloam hospital. Somewhat a smooth process, although the chair was just a regular plastic chair vs the nice/dentist style reclining chair that Royal progress has. Taking the result the next day was okay, although according to the wife, security was not too smart...asking for her name, KTP, etc and disappeared for a few minutes only to come back with a (yep) napkin and a pen for her to write down our info again....and oh yeah, flat Rp 10,000 for parking. So as she waited for our print out I just went to a gas pump 1/4 km away and did a loop to come back to the hospital.

Ngurah Rai departure: Fired up the pedulilindungi again, and i can't remember which one to open, but i think it was the e-passport, so instead of us showing the page, they want us to go from the home page, took 3 clicks to get to that page, turn the phone to the scanner and one short beep, let us into the ticketing/checking area.

Arrival Soetta: Again, the e-hac thing again...as we were fumbling with our phone and i wanted to show that it won't take my NIK...got the "OK pak" and the hand gesture to move along. Looks like they knew it was not working. So off we went.

Bali experience: It has been about 10 years since I've been to Bali. Now..could be the pandemic, but it's definitely cleaner now. It's kinda good and bad at the same time, parking was easy everywhere (and some places actually charged more than JKT). Sad because we saw lots and lots of closed stores...not sure it was temporary or permanent. A Fave hotel wife went a few years ago, now just a dead building with overgrown weeds. Active restaurants are still okay, but we've had one that took 20 minutes for two Burritos with nobody else waiting but us.

Nice wine tasting experience too...and last but not least, ironically i feel quite safer driving in Jakarta than Bali. For some reason the motorists were not patient enough when you try to take a (legal) U-turn or even trying to back from a parking space onto the street. Jakarta with all the chaos, you can still feel that they know when you're trying to turn and vice versa, not like that in Bali, but it's just me.

Buying some oleh-oleh at Krisna...man that place is empty. I have no comparison at all since I've not been back in 10 years, but wife kept commenting whenever we go, yeah we won't have a table in two minutes like this...or we won't be able to park at all, etc.

That's it for now...we'll see if we can go back again before the end of the year!


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Jul 18, 2016
I am hoping eHac goes the way of the dinosaurs as it has never worked for me. in almost 2 years.

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