Jet pump prices for better water pressure


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Sep 30, 2016
Anyone got a rough idea or source for a jet pump (??) Something that increases the pressure to get better / more water (from a well?)

Friends elderly Mum sometimes has problems with water from PAM and was told she needs a jet pump

She's going to find out costs etc

Just curious if anyone here has a clue what it is / cost etc?
We talking couple of juta only or tens of

I guess like this

I think i paid a bit more like 4-6jt but it was a Grundfos. Shimizu a bit cheaper. Theres a good pump shop on panglima polim called injaya
Does she need a jet pump to take water from a well or inline pressure pump that is installed between the source and where the water enters the home? If just a pressure pump then 600 to 700 ribu should do it plus install which is pretty simple. You will need access to electrical power.
I think its just a simple sort of extra boost as the water pressure is sometimes low
Either way a couple of mill should be enough to buy, fix, install, lunch, cake, pulsa, and so on

Thanks all especially to me lol
I have installed at my brother in law's house a 'pompa dorong' (booster pump). It was from the brand 'WASSER PB-218 EA'. I ordered it in Tokopedia and paid including delivery 775,000 rupiah

The pump was installed between the water tank at the roof and the pipes in the house to set up more pressure. It works great, the side effect was that two old pipes could not stand the new pressure and burstet and we had a water damage.... but also this could be fixed
We installed a pressure booster when we remodeled our “new” house 4-5 years ago.

As I recall, the first model pooped out in less than a year. We moved to another brand, and it’s worked fine, since.
I found most inline pressure pumps pretty reliable but, the automatic valve for turning it on when your pressure drops can be questionable. Dirt or sand in the water can accumulate and block it either open or closed. Some are better than others so if you get an experienced installer they should know which works best in your area.

Not sure what an install would cost because they are simple enough to install yourself if you have a basic understanding of putting PVC pipe together. They come with arrows to show in and out.

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