Iphone 6 128 gb for sale


Oct 4, 2016
I want to sell my Iphone 6 128 gb with all accessories plus a new ipaky case and a lightning cable to 3.5 mm headphone jack and usb cable
7.5 juta
You may wish to include if you are the first owner and when you purchased it, since that model is 2.5 years old in most the world, but I know is still the newest model iPhone in most of Indonesia.
Nah, there is the 6S and 6S+. And the 7 can be pre-ordered now.
Nah, there is the 6S and 6S+. And the 7 can be pre-ordered now.

As far as I can tell the 6S has never been released through official channels in Indonesia, and the 7 has only recently been released (still pre-order?) in small numbers. Certainly some have made it in from neighboring countries, but I've never seen a 6S at an official retailer and even ibox.co.id skips that generation, listing the 5S, 6, and 7.

It's all because of a new law requiring imported phones to have 20% locally made parts: https://www.macrumors.com/2017/03/17/iphone-7-launching-in-indonesia/


Hmm, maybe it's so new they haven't fully updated their website.

Regardless, my point is that the OP is selling a phone that could easily be 2+ years old, or may only be 3 months old (and at the time the "newest model", so he may not realize). The difference is likely significant for someone considering an asking price of 7.5jt, so he should include that information if he wants to make a sale.
I bought this phone second hand only 2 weeks ago just to use to play movies in my car...BUT it is to new and not compatible with my headunit. I am an android user and hate iphones. I just want to get my money back and buy a new andriod. Condition is still very good no dents or scratches.
Also I should add that Itunes, fingerprint, etc... works fine. Also if someone wants a playstation 3 I can do a bundle, motivated seller I am!
FLASH SALE- I want to sell this phone before the end of the month last price drop 6.7 juta or buy the iphone and playstation for 8 juta
Last chance to buy...need to sell by tomorrow morning or i will be forced to keep this phone. Take it now for 6 juta
Never thought about that website...anyway its to late now wanted to use the money to buy the black pearl s7 via XL but the discount ended yesterday:mad2:. So Im stuck with this POS apple product now
Ah yes, the Prioritas.

But with the introduction of the S8 now, the prices of the S7 will drop rapidly. In no time you will get one cheaper. I skipped the iPhone 6 on purpose, rather happy with the 7 though.

There is also a Facebook group called "Buy and Sell Jakarta" btw; it is mainly used by expats (moving out). There I saw some iPhones for sale rather recently.
Thanks for the info jstar...I did post it on that fb page and a few others. Now that the note 8 is going to come out Im going to wait for that. Its a beast 6gb ram 128 or 256 gb rom (rumoured). Cant wait!

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