Indonesia visa strategy


Nov 11, 2019
My intention is spend 4 months in Indonesia (mid Feb-mid June).

How is this for a strategy?

* 60 day SOCIAL CULTURAL visa ($50) in advance at a consulate in my home country with a sponsorship letter from a visa agency in Bali (extra $20). Then extend the visa for an extra 2 extensions ($50/extension via agency) for a total of 4 months in Indonesia (until mid-June). Total price for this option is $170 in visa costs after 4 months.

The only problem is I don't want to leave my passport behind at the agency in Bali as I travel overland through Java and then Sumatra. This trip is focused on 3 islands, Bali, Java and Sumatra (4 months total: 2 weeks in Bali, 2 weeks in Java, and a final month in North Sumatra).

Do I need to do the first extension in Yogyakarta? or other secondary cities in Java (I am skipping the largest cities) and focusing more on the southern half of Java and probably the second extension somewhere in Sumatra, Banda Aceh (also my exit point). My plan is to fly to Banda Aceh from Java, and do a loop around Aceh, including Weh, Toba, Bukit Lawang, Ketambe, and back to Banda Aceh to fly out.

So my question is how do I do these extensions on my own if I have a different sponsor per extension since it is in different cities? 1 sponsor in Bali (original), another in Java, and a third and final sponsor in Banda Aceh.

And also can I find visa agencies in Banda Aceh? Or that more a commonality in places like Bali?

Do they have them in Yogya?

And if I use one agency in Yogya to be my sponsor? Won't that be a problem since it was an agency from Bali that wrote my original sponsorship letter?

And then again a third agency in Sumatra to sponsor me again? How will it work out?

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