Indonesia to issue marriage card.

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    Jul 13, 2016
    The Indonesian Ministry of Religion is launching a Marriage Card (Kartu Nikah), to go with the Marriage Book (Buku Nikah) that is already used in Muslim marriages. The Marriage Card will not be a replacement for the Marriage Book, but an addition.

    The card is expected to be the size of a regular ID or ATM card. Up to 1 million newly wedded Muslim couples are expected to receive the card in 2018, and couples married previously can apply for the card also.

    The official justification for the issuance of the card is to make civil procedures easier, by allowing people to carry the card, rather than the much bigger book, to prove marriage. However, there are concerns that the availability of this card could be used to persecute unmarried couples who are caught together.

    Further, as the eKTP corruption case has shown, issuing ID cards can be a lucrative project for corrupt government officials.
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    Another useless document, almost comparable to SKLD or Blue Book.

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