I drug my hungry children to help them sleep


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Apr 15, 2022
This is what might happen if people focus more on religion than human welfare. There are some people in Indonesia want to turn Indonesia like Afghanistan, applying Sariah Law. They have successfully done than in Aceh province of Indonesia but keep moving forward.

Afghanistan: 'I drug my hungry children to help them sleep'

Iran is another good example. Let Islam take over politics, politicians then believe they can order every woman to dress how the politicians wish. Ultimately the people will fight back. Let's hope Indonesia never reaches that stage with its creeping "jilbab-isation" of society.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the situation in Afghanistan is a bit more complex than "because Islam".
Well, noone ever claims that religion is the only culprit.
The concept of "separation between the state and religion" was introduced a few hundred years ago by a philosopher John Locke and also made popular by Thomas Jefferson. Since then it has become a model that has been believed and applied by many nations in this world successfully.

It is quite the same concept with "trias politica" introduced by Montesquieu in 1748. It is a model which requires the strict separation of power into three branches: a legislature, an executive, and a judiciary. This model has been applied by many nations successfully. Why use a model that has been proven to be one of the cause of a failed state in the past ?

Why would anyone need to live under a constant threat, and subject to abuses by not believing a certain religion. Let alone it has its own court which is linked to a particular religion ?
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