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Jul 13, 2016
Classifieds Forum Guidelines

These Guidelines apply in addition to the site-wide Posting Guidelines while posting in any forum under the Classifieds category

The Classifieds Forum exists primarily for non-commercial use by our members. Non-commercial means not primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

Commercial use of the classifieds is allowed once per 30-day period, per user. This applies even if the business offers completely different services. This restriction does not apply to non-commercial users.

Do not make additional user accounts to get around this rule, as it will result in immediate banning of all accounts.

Bumping of threads so that they appear at the top of the forum is limited to once per 30-day period. This includes bumps that are written under the pretext of adding more information. The only exemption to this is that you may answer questions by legitimate users.

The use of deceptive advertising such as shilling (pretending to be a customer to provide false referral, while actually connected to the business), will result in both the advertiser account and that of the shill being banned. As well, we will expose any deceptive advertising we discover in the forum, so that the whole world may have information about the deceptive practices of the business.

Please post your ad in the appropriate sub-forum, and only in the appropriate sub-forum.

Absolutely no off-topic posting allowed. This includes speculation as to the motives of advertisers. If you have actual experiences (positive or negative) or genuine questions you may post those. If you have any concerns regarding advertising, please use the report button to alert the moderators so they may investigate.

Expat Indo Forum and its representatives do not make any representation, warranty, or endorsement, express or implied, as to any of the information, services, products, or processes posted or advertised in these forums.

Your use of the Classifieds Forum is solely at your own risk. Expat Indo Forum and its representatives are not liable for any loss, damages, or claims arising out of the use of this forum.
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