Forum Upgrade complete!

My trusty Chuck Norris test image worked very well.

I linked it from

What was the link to the image you were trying to embed @jstar?
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@jstar, about the links disappearing:

I think they were there all along but hard to find due to the link color being very close to normal text color.

I've changed the color to something brighter and more discernible.





Here's the link to the thread.
The link of that picture from the Japanese article. The weird thing was also, that when I just copied the link, it was pasted in the post as regular link. Normally (now) the picture will automatically replace the text but it didn't. Had to post the reply and edit afterwards. When I pasted again it worked this time. Always difficult to replicate these things...

Ok, here's what's going on. If you click the link you share above, you get a 403 forbidden error. What this means is that the website where the image is hosted forbids hot linking. We do something similar with our content on

In more technical terms, when you insert the image as an embedded image, the html looks like this:

<img src="">

But if you insert it as a link (as you did in the post I quoted), the html look like this:

<a href="">

The first html is forbidden while the 2nd one is allowed by their server. That's why there is an error in one case and not the other.

If they allowed it, it would mean that whenever a visitor of this forum loads the thread where the image is, it would be downloaded from their server, not ours. If it's coming from a small site like us, it's fine.

But if it came from a website with a lot of traffic, the spike in downloads could bring their server down if it's not equipped for it.
Thank you. Funny world isn't it? We can search for almost anything now on the internet and feel impatient if it takes more than 20 seconds. So here I was complaining about having to move my finger on the scroll button for 10 seconds. Previously I had to walk to the letter box and rip open an envelope to get a message. How inconvenient was that?
Haha indeed, but them again, when you have to do it several times a day, it adds up.

It's like when opening letters, after doing with hands only for a while, you end up getting a letter opener ?
I just posted a reply on another thread, and had to try a few times before it would save, and post correctly.
Talking of time wasted thats why celebs hate when you count to 3 before you click your selfie - imagine 30 people waiting, all counting to 3, times 10 a day etc etc

It adds up
I just posted a reply on another thread, and had to try a few times before it would save, and post correctly.

Could be a connection issue, either from your ISP or from our host. I will keep an eye on this issue.
I looked at an older post with a link to another.

When I clicked the link, the system not open that post but I got this screen:


Could it be that the website paths have been altered in the new version?
Thank you, I will look into this in a couple of days when I'm back in Indonesia.

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