FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023 Indonesia

Should be some interesting match ups. The one match up I hope doesn't happen is Indonesia and Israel being in the same group.
Not so easy to find which teams / countries have already qualified. Esp. Asia / Oceania and South America was not known the last time I looked?


The rarest large mammal on Earth, with a population of approximately 74 in Ujung Kulon National Park at the western tip of Java in Indonesia.
Not so easy to find which teams / countries have already qualified. Esp. Asia / Oceania and South America was not known the last time I looked?

Just waiting on the Asia qualifiers. Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, Fiji, France, Gambia, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Nigeria, Senegal, Slovakia, Tunisia, Uruguay and USA are the confirmed qualifiers from the other regions.

The FIFA site is a mess though. Stadiums in Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Gianyar, Palembang, and Surabaya were selected but still waiting to be confirmed this late?

Apparently GBK is going to be used and not the new JIS in North Jakarta because JIS was Anies' project.
Didn’t know about the JIS cancelation. I did see a news program though which covered a pop concert in JIS and they showed how difficult it was to reach that location by public transportation (even the TJ directly from Kelapa Gading seems less than ideal). By car was doable but then the problem became to park there.
Apparently it is all political and I only found out about it because there is a rugby tournament at the beginning of May, but GBK wants to shut everything down for 2 months to do some type of cleaning/resodding the fields. Not sure if this is due to the new management who decided to raise prices for all fields...again.

Ya parking would be a pain at JIS, but you run into the same problem at GBK even without an event taking place at GBK or the convention center.
I forgot to ask: Have any of you seen U20 World Cup advertisements, souvenirs, etc. around?
Indo qualifies as host. (y) ⚽

The Indonesian U20 team did not leave a great impression in the Asian Cup (compare it to UEFA etc.)


They failed to advance to the quarter-finals of the 2023 U-20* Asian Cup, following the goalless draw against Uzbekistan in the last match of Group A, last Tuesday.

The result puts the team in third place in Group A with only four points.

According to the trainer Shin Tae-yong they lack the ability to score and have problems against teams with physically bigger players.

* it used to be U-19 before but it changed to U-20 as of this year. The top four teams of the tournament will qualify for the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Indonesia. This knockout phase is being played as we speak.
So I was in Senayan last night and I did see some advertising for the U20 WC.

The problem and it is something that I have noticed across events/shows/concerts, unless you are willing to be a detective or closely follow what you are wanting to see, then you are likely to hear about it after it ended. Even when I was in Solo about 2 weeks ago, there was no mention of it and Solo is supposed to be hosting some of the matches.
it is something that I have noticed across events/shows/concerts

True. With many concerts you only read about it after the facts. Same problems with festivities for (Chinese) New Year etc. Was difficult at the time finding schedules of ASEAN games too. Dutch team‘s friendly match? Good luck finding that.

Luckily we knew about the predecessor of this one from Dewa 19 which took place at the Velodrome. But that was viva voce.

Because of frustrations in the past I’ve put myself on the mailing lists of some major expo’s (ICE/JCC/JIExpo) so then at least I get informed somewhat.
About JIS: I’ve read some articles which all mention that the PSSI (the Indonesian football league) thinks the stadium is not ready yet for games with large crowds. But they all date from Q4 2022 so I guess they’re working hard to make improvements. Obviously the criticism after the recent Dewa 19 concert doesn’t help.

They (PSSI) say it does not meet the FIFA standards on infrastructure and safety for stadiums. Esp. team drop-off areas and circulation plans are subpar. The fences inside and access to the stadium also need to be improved, as well as the amount of (emergency) exits. And that will not be easy of course. It also seems the rental costs are huge. But the grass and building are great!

Persija, one of the most famous football clubs of the country, based in Jakarta, registered 3 stadiums; JIS, Patriot and GBK. They currently play their home matches at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK), that’s the one Chris mentioned before, in Senayan. But they also use(d) the Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium in Bekasi. The national team also uses GBK.

For Jak10s we were looking at the fields right next to JIS, but the price was at least triple what GBK wants for the rugby field and one or two fields.

This is going back to 2007, but when Arsenal's stadium was being built and basically completed before the 2006/07 season, they had to complete 3 stages of crowds. It was something like 25%, 70%, and then 100% in order to be approved. I would guess JIS would need to do something similar, but will PSSI give them the benefit of the doubt? I also wonder if FIFA had a chance to look at it or if it is an excuse to make a political statement.
And the teams are all set.

Asia: Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, and Uzbekistan

Africa: Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia

CONCACAF: USA, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Honduras

Oceania: Fiji and New Zealand

Europe: England, France, Italy, Israel, and Slovakia

The group draw will be on March 31.

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