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Extreme Cruelty > Go-Jek driver burned dog alive


Dec 4, 2018
Maulady, the Go-Jek driver, pissed beside the cage of his neighbor's dog. In reaction, the dog clawed him (he claimed the dog bit him, but how when the dog is inside the cage?). Then he smashed a bottle of gasoline on the head of the dog and lit the dog. The dog did not survive. The owner of the dog made a police report, but the Go-Jek driver is filing a report too (for being bitten by the dog). I think Go-Jek should not hire or have such brutal man as a partner.

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Mr. 10,000
Jul 31, 2016
I looked into this once when confronted with neighbors who threw things over the fence (I was very concerned about rat poison etc.).

When I read the law texts about entering and damaging items on the property of someone else and the possible repercussions, it was at least reassuring there was a very strong legal protection. (Obviously that will not make up for the loss of a pet.) I think the GoJek driver could easily see jail time when this goes to court...

NB: I do think in Indonesia the pets are generally not treated well. Cats in cages which are as big as those for hamsters, dogs outside in cages in the scorching heat, or on a chain, never being walked....

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