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Demolishing bars for Bulan Suci


Well-Known Member
Sep 30, 2016
Well if you're asking that question you're in the wrong country or you must be new. You know yourself they won't and it's just the sad backwards mentality of some of the kampung


Active Member
Charter Member
Jul 20, 2016
It was a bit of a tongue in cheek question and the situation is a true reflection on the insanity of it all. If they are going to do something illegal for Ramadan, why not confiscate all the bars and house and feed the homeless for a month

Pak Tani

Active Member
Oct 29, 2016
Read this today and my question is are they going to rebuild them for the owners on June 5th?
A small detail, something the writer of the article 'forgot' to mention, is that the buildings were illegal, the bars did not have the licenses to operate as karaoke bars.
Meski setiap menjelang Ramadan bangunan-bangunan ilegal di kawasan tersebut kerap dibongkar Satpol PP, hal itu tak membuat para pemilik jera. Mereka membangun kembali tempat hiburan malam di tengah-tengah perkebunan.
Besides that, the bars were thought to be used for immoral activities (tempat mesum). Another thing they 'forgot' to mention.
Journalism at it's finest.

Hope that answers your question.


Mr. 10,000
Jul 31, 2016
Having licenses or not, and establishing illegal buildings, has never been a big driver to take action against anything.

As an example; there was a futsal field established close by, and they even built toilets etc. No licenses whatsoever. No building permits. Nothing. The residents freaked out, it escalated to the Lurah but months later it's still operational. And the police force even held a a teambuilding competition there.

Another thing that is at least noticeable, is that karaoke here is rather innocent entertainment. Depending on the area they often don't serve alcohol. If you continue that line of thinking, movie theaters etc. should also close down. And restaurants. And heck, why not the shopping malls?

Last but not least, it is very questionable that a group in society can decide for others, what to do and what not to do. As said before, in Malaysia for instance, there is a clear differentiation between Muslims and kafirs... eh citizens. You could even argue that in spiritual matters no man is allowed to judge and make decisions (for) others, even if they have the same religion.

Anyway, in Jakarta they promised no sweeping: http://jakarta-tourism.go.id/2017/news/2019/05/anies-promises-during-ramadan-csos-will-not-sweeping-night-entertainment-places

Mar 24, 2019
Ramadan is always a bad time with people looking for extra bribes, dangerous driving, more terrorism etc. however I had an amazing experience the other day - a policeman stopped me for a ganjil genap offence, and because we were on the way to hospital let us go without paying a fine or bribe, and wished us a swift recovery from illness. Just a good apple, or a sign of a better future?

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