De-register tax ID when moving out of Indonesia?


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Mar 6, 2021
Dear Fellow members,

I have a question and hope to receive some useful info... I have been working for some time in INDO and have been laid off due to COVID last July 2020. I moved 1 month after back to Europe and changed my official/registered address back in my home country. Now a week ago, I received by email a letter from the tax department to file my tax returns for 2020, which is been taken care off.

Now my question here is as follows... Will I keep receiving requests from the tax department to file for income taxes for all subsequent years, even though I am not living there anymore or having any source of income?

I heard some people say you should de-register your tax ID card when leaving the country, but this seems to require some paperwork and time... Some other people say they have not de-registered, as they moved and have no income to declare in Indonesia. However, they are still in the system and suspect liable to file for income tax returns?

Does anyone know someone or found themselves in a similar situation? Please feel free to share your opinion and advice.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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