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Apr 5, 2017
Welcome to the official thread of D-Link Indonesia :indonesia:

D-Link Indonesia will give you the latest information about D-Link connected home products such as: Wi-Fi routers, smart plug, IP camera, network storage, and so on. We also provide connected home solutions for those who found the problems regarding to our products.

We also feel welcome to D-Link users to share their own experiences while using D-Link connected home products.

However, we are not here for selling purposes. We only welcome complaints and advice from users to let us know and found the solutions.

If you still found any technical problems, you can also contact us at:
Telephone: 0800-14014-97 (toll-free)
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.dlink.co.id/
Facebook: D-Link Indonesia
Twitter: @DLinkID

We hope this thread helps! :smile:

For all expatriats who are living in Indonesia and have children under two years, it should become one of challenging experiences in life. It is not quite easy for parents to keep their baby safe all the time, especially for busy parents to take care of their baby no matter where they are. To solve those problems, D-Link Indonesia provides IP Baby Camera product series which dedicated to help expatriat parents who have infants living in Indonesia. However, this thread will emphasize more on the IP Baby Camera as its product.

The IP Baby Camera is designed for parents to keep monitoring their infants in the most comfortable way. It will be easier for parents to place the camera everywhere possible and check on their infants through fastest Wireless Technology as well as supported by built-in microphone and speaker to make two-way communications as possible.

There are also other excellent features from the IP Baby Camera to enhance its functions such as:
Sound and Motion Detection: the IP Baby Camera will automatically save the records of detected motion around the room, as long as it is still under its scope. The sound will be automatically detected if the frequency is strong and near from the mic.
Two-way Audio: the IP Baby Camera also supports two-way communications technology, which allows parents to respond and calm their babies instead of just keep monitoring them.
Remote Viewing: the IP Baby Camera has abilities to allow parents keep seeing events recorded in every single time by smartphone, but however Internet connection is needed to activate its abilities. Instant Push Alerts/Notifications will be sent to smartphone in order to send the detected events recorded by the Camera.
Night Visions: the IP Baby Camera can also automatically turns into night vision when it gets dark, and supported by infrared LEDs to keep the vision turns on with capabilities up to 5m.
Play Lullabies: the IP Baby Camera has also abilities to play gentle instruments in order to help the babies sleep.

In terms of its design, the IP Baby Camera has portable design which allows parents to bring it everywhere possible when travelling with their children even when there is no Internet connection. The IP Baby Camera has fixed cube type (round ball design) with white as basic colors, and parents can choose either pink or baby blue as its access ring color based on their baby gender (pink for girl and baby blue for boy). There are infrared LEDs on the front which is located outside the focus ring, as well as ambient light censor which functions to manage switch from normal to night mode, and mic to do two way communications.

The most interesting thing about the IP Baby Camera is all the features can be easily managed through mydlink Baby Camera Monitor or mydlink Lite apps. However, it is more recommendable to use mydlink™ Lite instead of Baby Camera Monitor because mydlink™ Lite has more various ways in managing the Camera. Through mydlink™ Lite, it gives parents access to manage settings on their camera.

The IP Baby Camera has four different series in which each designed based on users’ needs, which are: DCS-700L, DCS-820L, DCS-825L dan DCS-850L. For those parents who prefer full-featured yet simple to use products, they can choose either DCS-700L, DCS-820L, or DCS-825L. DCS-700L and DCS-820L have the simplest, full-featured yet really worth for money; although both of them are slightly different based on their features such as slot for micro SD, its illumination distance and format video compression. DCS-700L has no micro SD slot, non-light illumination distance, and MJPEG format video compression, whereas DCS-820L has micro SD slot, light illumination distance, and H.264 format video compression.

DCS-825L has similar features as the two previous series, but it has HD Camera Resolution (1280 x 720) as and 5 different gentle lullabies built-in as its excellences. DCS-850L is the latest product series from IP Baby Camera, in which has most sophisticated features than the previous three series. The features include Pan and Tilt range, built-in infrared-cut removable (ICR) filter module, 16ft IR light illumination distance, and excellent angle of view.

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Jul 15, 2016
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Apr 5, 2017
It is always possible to found good places to hang out for all expatriats in Indonesia; starts from restaurants, café, coffee shops to shopping centers. Instead of going for lunch or dinner, those hang out places are also a good place to exchange information. That is why a lot of places in Indonesia have provided Wireless Internet connections to make their life easier and keep connected; but sometimes we have to acknowledge that Wireless in some places can be really annoying, or the worst is some spots does not provide good Wireless connections.

In this matter, D-Link Indonesia provides Wireless Routers and Adapters products to fulfill those needs. Although those two have different ways of work, the product mission is to make people keep connected wherever they go.

Wireless Routers functions with SIM Card, which is needed to build its own Internet connections on the devices instead of add existing wireless network. For those who want flexibility in managing connections, D-Link Wireless Routers are the answer.

For Wireless Routers, D-Link has DWR-932C as its signature product. The product has excellent features such as:

4G LTE: development from 3G and 2G technology which provides better connection speeds and coverage with premium quality.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS): prevent unauthorized users from connecting to network and add new devices with just the touch of a button.

In terms of flexibility with great value, D-Link also has DWR-710 and DWR-118 as the other signature products. The DWR-710 Le Petit HSPA+ Router emphasizes on its practical portable design with great value to bring anywhere, whereas the DWR-118 can be used both on 3G and 4G LTE with AC750 and Dual Band Technology.

Wireless Adapters, on the other hand function differently with Routers: to add wireless networking or upgrade a notebook to use the latest Wireless AC technology and security; if the notebook have not supported AC technology yet. It means people do not need to buy a new notebook for hang out; because they just need to buy D-Link Wireless Adapters to keep them connected.

D-Link has signature products for Wireless Adapters; DWA-192 and DWA-182 which have been acknowledged as the first AC USB Adapters in the market. Those adapter products have excellent features to enhance its functions such as:

Wireless AC Technology: the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology that brings ultra-fast speeds to wireless networks everywhere through 5GHz frequency. Wireless AC technology allows people to connect to the web and download faster without disruption, email and chat, share movies, TV shows, videos, and online gaming.

Dual Band: technology that includes the 2.4GHz and 5GHz which reduces interference to maximize throughput for faster video gaming, online streaming, and Internet phone calls.

USB 3.0: the SuperSpeed transfer mode that lets people transfer data 10x faster than before.

For those who prefer simplicity and great quality in best value, DWA-182 is the right choice. Supported by AC1200 and Dual Band technology, DWA-182 fulfill every needs for people to keep connected mobile. Whereas for some who prefer the best quality with maximum performance and great reputation, they can choose the mighty DWA-192. This spherical adapter will bring people the best Internet experiences ever; from sharing movies, TV shows, videos, online gaming, to browsing.

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Apr 5, 2017
Damn I just want a decent wifi signal so I can think about a router lol

If you think about a router, there are a lot of choices of D-Link router that you can choose based on your needs. For the best value with high quality, you can choose DIR-816L. If you like to stream HD media and make Internet calls, DIR-880L is the right choice. If you like to do online gaming and multiple online activities with high capacities, DIR-895L is the best for you.

Hope this helps :wave:
Apr 5, 2017
It is important for all expatriate families to have great connections at home to fulfill their different needs. Not just by one router for whole family, it is true if some networking technologies are needed to provide stable connections. There is nothing more annoying than having parts of home where the Wireless connections will not reach.

As one of the biggest Internet users worldwide, Total Home Solutions by D-Link are potential solutions for expatriate family in Indonesia. From “Plug and Play” D-Link Power Line adapter to “simple one touch setup” D-Link Wireless Extender, D-Link provides everything people need to start enjoying the Internet in every corner of home.

D-Link Total Home Solutions give the smartest way for expatriate family to make them keep connected at home through: DIR-895L Wireless AC Router, DAP-1860 Range Extender, DHP-P309AV Power Line, and DSP-W215 Smart Plug.

DIR-895L Wireless AC Router is the Ultra Performance Wireless Router with ultimate speed and coverage. Designed for bigger homes with demanding users, DIR-895L has supporting features such as: NitroQAM™, Smart Beam, Tri-Band, and MU-MIMO technology.
  • NitroQAM™ technology on the DIR-895L allows users to have smooth streaming and low-latency online gaming experiences, with wireless speed of 5300 Mbps
  • SmartBeam technology automatically improves wireless coverage by directing bandwidth to the devices as people move around the house.
  • Tri-Band technology connects each device to one from the three wireless bands for more optimal wireless experiences.
  • MU-MIMO Technology allows multiple devices to get high bandwidth wireless signal at the same time.
Those excellent features allow DIR-895L connecting to different networking devices with the stable connections, makes it compatible for expatriates who have bigger family members and children who love to streaming online media and games.

DAP-1860 Range Extender is the Range Extender with excellent performances. Supported by Wireless AC Wave II with 4x4 MIMO Antenna configurations, DAP-1860 provides Gigabit wireless connectivity with better data rates, fewer dead-spots, more coverage, and increased reliability. Those special features makes DAP-1860 irreplaceable, compared with the other range extenders through its great performances in expanding connections to the wider range of areas.

DHP-P309AV is a Powerline which functions to expand the wireless network. It is very simple to use; by simply plug in directly to power socket and does not need additional cables to install. DHP-P309AV also has good quality speed performances up to 500 Mbps, which makes it possible for home users to stream HD Videos, video call, and online gaming. Furthermore, the power-saving feature is also the main reason to make DHP-P309AV worth having, in which the adaptor will automatically change to sleep mode if there is no data transmission to save the energy.

DSP-W215 Wi-Fi Smart Plug mydlink™ is a multifunction device with simple design, easy to use and enable people to monitor and control home energy use wherever they are. The special features include:
  • Turn devices On/Off with the Mobile app
  • Create On/Off Schedule for Devices
  • Help Prevent Devices from Overheating
  • Monitor the Energy Usage
With 20% smaller design from the other traditional Smart Plugs, DSP-W215 is suitable with any kind of home decoration and spaces just by simply plug in to the power socket to install, without the needs of additional cables.

Collaborated with mydlink™, people can also monitor and create schedule of home devices just from their hands. Supported by built-in thermal sensor, the DSP-W215 can automatically shut off home devices if the plug overheats.

DSP-W215 is also easy to use, just by simply press Wi-Fi Protected Setup button to make it more secure.


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