Chinese New Year


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Aug 7, 2016
The start of the Chinese Lunar New Year is today so to all who celebrate.....'Keong hee fat cheoy" .

hehehe I'm not sure if that's really Chinese but it's what we used to say in Hong Kong and the answer sounded similar and included "Lai see Dolla!" Which meant 'where's my red packet with cash'.

It is the year of the Dog and ironically Trump was born a Dog and it's presumed unlucky. Many other notables were also dogs so maybe he's in good company.....
'Other famous dogs include Dame Judi Dench, Sophia Loren, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Steven Spielberg, both Prince William and Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber, Madonna and Mother Teresa.'

My wife and I are going to a fancy-dress party in a Chinese restaurant and thanks to Vanhelsing, who depicted me on another thread as a pith-helmet colonialist, who gave me the idea...we are going as Suzie Wong and Robert Lomax.
However, I cannot find the cost of a short-time back in the 1950' don't know how much to offer my wife (Suzie)......:hug:.....anyone?
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My memorey is somewhat faded now but I think about $20 short time, $50 long time, I was in Hong Kong when they made the film, lots of girls turned up claiming to be Suzi Wong, I rember in the film a fight scene in a bar, that was real, the extras were British soldiers and it got a bit out of hand, they always loved a punch up, happy days
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Just out of 8 years in HKG, and no wish to be involved with anything Chinese anymore !
Ok, a few pints in Wanchai would be bearable...
In 3 years in HK only went to Wanchai twice, really didn’t like it, much nicer Kowloon side
Tonight was a wonderful Chinese New Year dinner party with friends in the 'Happy Chappy' Chinese restaurant in Seminyak, Bali.
Regaled by dragons tried to eat me until I acted a vomit in his mouth...he went on to scare young children..
The evening was sumptuous of Chinese delights and the main course of Peking Duck was yummy....indescribable.
Imlek is well known in Indonesian culture and tradition and the Chinese influence in Indonesia goes further back than the Dutch or other Arab traders
Have a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year everyone.

edit: Just broken the fortune cookie that I brought says "You will become a great philanthropist in your later years." I must have picked up someone else's cookie...:der:
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And again I wish everyone a happy Imlek and best wishes for the Chinese New Year…


Those here born in the years of the rabbit, (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) should encounter good luck, health and prosperity in 2023.


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