Bandung for under Rp. 150 jt.


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Jan 5, 2018
Hey all!

So, my wife and I have all but officially decided we are coming back to Indonesia in the next year, or so. We just need to purge everything and sell our house first. Life just got too hectic here, and we need a reset -- likely a permanent one :).

Anywho, we are landing in Bandung for sure, and we're looking at houses on sites like, etc. But I have a feeling these sites are more priced for the bule renter. There are some decent deals, but I think there are better deals in person.

Any opinions on what areas in Bandung are the best places to live on a rental budget under Rp150 jt. per year? Some of our key wants are a house with hot water, at least 3,000-watt power, A/C, and at least 185 square meters of living area. We were hoping Dago, but I am not sure how inflated rent is in that area.

Are my wants outrageous for that price or doable? In Tasik, where we were before, you could rent a 500-square-meter mansion for that price, so I am flying a bit blind here lol.

Thanks in advance!
Setra Duta is a nice enough complex not too far from toll road access.
Bear in mind prices on R 123 are 99.99% of the time inflated & negotiable, are you wanting full furnished or empty. Hot water is easily installed & can often be nego'ed... ditto re electricity, not all owners will permit an upgrade in electricity, but some will, at these price houses.

I'm not at home at the moment, but by all means PM me & I will look into things in more detail for you Friday/Saturday.

Cigadung, Setiabudhi, Setra anything , Cipaganti, Bukit mas. all nice enough, Setiabudhi, Bukit Mas up in the hills, so cooler there, the setras are lower altitude

Then there is Pondok Hijau, Cimbuleuit, to name a couple of other spots
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If you are interested, this house is currently available for rent.
It is not at Dago, but at Kota Baru Parahyangan , Padalarang.
Land is 486 m2, House is 360m2. 3bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
and it is under 150jt, and fully furnish

In Kota Baru Parahyangan, you can find schools, hospital, sport centre etc, it also near with the exit of Tol Padalarang

Please contact me if you are interested
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