After reading your post, I tried to access the forum and I could visit the forum successfully. But there is an information about an upgrade on the top of each page:

"Welcome to the newly upgraded forum. If you spot any problems or issues please post them here" If you click on "here", they forward you to:

Can you reach that URL? Or do you get the same error there as well?
It works for me...but I got confused at first because you have to scroll down past some banners first, and their new software makes the forum look like big pictures that you have to click on.
I had been getting a blank page with the suspended page in the address line. But now it is back working fine.
No Harry, I have also been having a problem opening the forum. I had to go to three different sites to get it to open! Something is for sure not the same.
This is curious. I originally posted this some months ago although it shows up as being posted
December 2019. However of late the forum has been opening okay,
coconuts jakarta still mia but bali and all the others still up to date
I even emailed them but never got a reply

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