ATM / C.C. skimmed in Bali


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Nov 28, 2017
OK, I had my CC skimmed last week. Here is the quick story.

Concerned card is a French Visa card.

Made a withdrawal in Sanur, at the usual place. I use only 2 ATM, always the same ones, belonging to the same bank. One is an ATM located outside a major supermarket, the other one on the parking of the said bank. I am not going to mention the bank on here as there is no formal proof that the skimming took place in their machine, only a very strong suspicion from my part.

Luckily, I have a daily withdrawal limit so if somebody goes above it, the withdrawal will be rejected, and I receive a notification from the bank on my mobile.

So, the next day of my withdrawal an illicit withdrawal is done. This one is within the limit hence I don’t receive a warning, and due to it taking 48h to appear on my account in France I am not aware of it. The day after same happens, but the weekly limit kicks in and I receive a notification. When looking at my bank record I see the first illegit withdrawal appeared, so I immediately block my card.

The 2 following days I receive at least 5 or 6 notification for “withdrawal rejected” clearly indicating further tentatives.

Note that during all this story the card was always physically in my possession

This is 2nd time in 2 years this happens to me here. First time I was reimbursed without problem by the C.C. card provider (Visa) and it will be same this time, so I don’t really worry too much about the temporary financial loss (800 Euro).

Now, on my online bank statement appears for each withdrawal the identification of the ATM machine. Usually “ATM” and a location name, or supermarket, petrol station name etc….

I have Googled the fraudulous withdrawals locations and clearly identified them.

Now as a “good citizen” should I :
  • Inform the bank owner of the ATM that I am fairly sure the skimming took place at ?
  • Inform the police and giving them the info about the ID and location of the ATM where my “skimmed card” was used ?
I am simply worried about getting into a lot of question asking and paper hassle, which I am not at all interested in.
What is your opinion gentlemen, most of you having a much longer experience about life and dealing with stuff in Indonesia ?

Note that the 1st time I didn’t report anything, but this time I am rather p**sed off and feel like doing something if it can help having these A.H. caught.

I am aware my card information could have arrived somewhere on the dark web and lifted from there, but the withdrawals in Bali (Ubud and Denpasar) made me rather believe in an ATM skimming.

Thanks for any advice.

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