Advice Sought: Paternity Test for Our Illegitimate Baby


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Jul 3, 2020
Dear all,

Our son will be illegitimate at birth as his Indonesian mother and I have yet to marry. According to Indonesian law, only his mother will appear on the birth certificate. I will therefore need to do a paternity test to confirm the baby has a British father for him to become a British citizen as well as his Indonesian nationality. I would want to do the same for Germany as I have dual nationality.

I would be grateful to hear advice from anyone who has been in this position.
Did you appear on your child's UK or German birth certificate? Did DNA testing take place in Indonesia or in UK/Germany? How long was the process? Anything I should know as I begin this process.

Many thanks,


Jaime C

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Jul 16, 2016
Some countries don’t require a dna test, normally. I know the US doesn’t.

There is also a method of going through the courts to get the fathers name added to the birth certificate. I’ve heard of wealthy guys doing it, but don’t know the details or costs of getting it done.

William King

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Jul 18, 2016
Are you in Jakarta? I'd assume quite a few clinics or hospitals can advise you or refer you for a DNA test. Mouth swaps, probably 5-10 Juta and a 2 week wait for results.


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Oct 8, 2016
Although not required, DNA tests are becoming the standard for establishing paternity for citizenship. It cuts down on fraud and child trafficking. Basically government officials give the run around for other forms of verification, but DNA goes right through.

Under the UK government guidance re-registering the birth certificate to reflect the father's name can be an indication of fraud.

"You must pay particular attention to birth certificates submitted by applicants which show there was a re-registration, as this can be an indication of fraud. " - previous link

The process is the DNA must be tested by a lab certified by the government that the person is trying to get citizenship from. The common process is the lab sends a testing kit to a certified medical professional in the foreign country. A doctor, nurse, or other qualified professional takes the DNA with the enclosed swab. The medical attendant then checks the identification and usually has to fill out/sign an affidavit of the identities of the individuals and send it with the DNA sample to the lab in the country that is looking to grant citizenship.

You can read more about the UK standards and procedures on testing on pages 12-13 of the link provided.


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Nov 19, 2016
I had an American acquaintance with the same situation. Instead of registering the marriage as I recommended. He refused because of wanting to get a prenup / postnup but was too cheap to spend the $500 at that time before the baby was born. After going around in curcles for almost a year he eventually had to get DNA tests for him and the baby which cost about $1000 total. Penny wise, pound foolish he was.

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