ADHD medication available in Bali

mash kof

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Jun 25, 2022
Hi all,

I have been recently diagnosed with ADHD. I am staying in Bali now and finally, I want to give medical treatment a try. My neurologist back home wants to know what medication is available here in Indonesia to prescribe me the one that hopefully will fit me. I'd appreciate it if anyone can bring to light what are the options here except for Prohiper/Ritalin and Concerta.

Thanks in advance,


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Aug 12, 2022
Firstly, congratulations and welcome to knowing yourself with ADHD!

Prohoper10 is the ritalin equivalent here, sold in green strips of 10 x10mg tablets.

It's a bit hit and miss on which pharmacies have them. Best chance I've had is from hospitals that have psychiatrists (Psikiater), the larger hospitals tend to have pharmacies built in.

They may ask for an Indonesian prescription (Resep), which you can get simply by booking an appointment with a Psikiater. You can do this through hospital websites which list the schedule (jadwal) of their doctors and make a direct booking. Consultations cost around150,000 Rp and you'll walk away with a prescription. Bring a print out of your diagnosis with dosage.

Or try an app like Alodokter to make bookings. Note- I first used Alodokter and paid 20k for a 30 minute live message chat with a Psikolog (psychologist)- he was the one who said you need a Psikiater as they have the power to hand out drugs.

Easiest way is to order off tokopedia. Some sellers list them but often they come in and out of stock. I did this for a few months before getting my act together and dragging myself to the hospital to get a prescription.

Also if you ask around there are a few chemists that sell Prohiper 10 without prescription, but it's more expensive.

Good luck!

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