Adding a single room AC to your house. Reliable unit/pricing?

I found out why most Indoneisans are so worried about the total wattage supply. If you have the old meter and pay per month there is a different minimum bill each month and there is pretty big difference in those minimums. However with prepay there is no minimum. You might pay a little more per kWh but only if you have 2200 watts or above. The minimum bill being so much higher in the past has seemed to stick in their minds. I couldn't imagine trying to get by with 2200 watts though but AC is required for me.
Stabilizer .. those things are expensive, right?
Yep...and depending on the minimum wattage requirement, where it's made (Japanese brand made in Japan...or Japanese brand made in Vietnam, etc)....and our house is about 7,700 watts total and was told that getting an 10,000 watt stabilizer is not enough since we were told that a 10,000 watt stabilizer 'effectively' works for about 7,000 watts capacity so we got the 15,000 watt one. Were we tricked by the seller, who knows it has been quite a few years, but for sure things feel way normal since then (no flickering lights, etc no unstable AC...etc).
If you consider these things like stabilizers, don’t shop at ACE or so. There you get the Krisbow crap or a ‘Japanese’ brand like Matsunaga or Kyowa for very high prices. Then better look in LTC or Glodok where at least they know what they are talking about.

There are many products from Japanese (sounding) companies on the market which obviously are produced here or in China..
It’s cooled off the last week, so this project is now on the back burner. I guess if the weather gets uncomfortable for ling enough, we’ll break down and get one.
Is it because of the weather or is the room facing south? If it's the latter, you should be fine for the largest part of the year, though the problem will probably come back in september or october when the sun moves south of Java.

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