Activities popular among 8-12 year old Indonesians?


Jul 15, 2016
Long story short, I need to draft a proposal for an after-school gamelan program for Hawaiian middle-schoolers, but they want it to serve 30 kids at a time, and I can only teach music to about 15 kids at once. So I was told to split the kids into two groups - one group would be playing gamelan while the other did some sort of relevant activity; I was told almost anything was okay as long as it was sort of "cultural."

There's a guy here who teaches shadow-puppet making workshops and I thought that would be perfect, but it turns out his budget is way too expensive (he wants to get paid $50/hour or something).

So I am trying to figure out a program that would work with volunteer parents running it - two sessions/week for 8 weeks, about 30-45 minutes per session.

If Indonesian kids had a huge repertoire of culturally significant, fun-to-play and easy-to-learn games I would be all set. I'm sure that in reality they are like kids everywhere these days and probably spend their free time playing games on mobile devices.

Still, I'm open to suggestions for almost anything - art projects, games, sports - as long as the kids would be learning something about Indonesian culture in the process.
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What about teaching traditional Indonesian children songs? Often they're very catchy and sometimes there is a game associated with it. If you can't find them on Google I can do a quick search?

Another would be to make angklungs with them and then teach them a song using the angklung ensemble?
At that age they had us make a piece of batik.

In fact you don't need much besides a piece of cotton (old white sheets or t-shirt?), wax and painting material, and an iron plus paper kitchen towel. You don't really need a tjanting, brushes will do. And if you want to stamp, use potatoes.

Every session you can make a paint bath of one color only. And the fun part is that every session you see yourself making progress when the next layer is applied.

The parents obviously need to manage the 'cooking'.
Traditional Indonesian games? Such as:


They still sell pieces here in Bali.

Traditional Indonesian games? Such as:


While Congklak may be a "traditonal" Indonesian game its origin is Arabic. Versions of this are played across Africa and it has dozens of different names.
Wow, I didn't know I'd get so many cool suggestions when I started this thread.

Re Congklak, I used to play that all the time as a kid, under the name "mankala." I was a really good player - no one could ever beat me, not even my sorta-famous-for-his-brilliance aeronautical engineer uncle, who huffed off one time because he was so annoyed that a smart guy like him was soundly trounced by a 10-year-old.

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