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Actively looking for a job

Discussion in 'Job Seeker Profiles' started by Anusha Nairy, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Anusha Nairy

    Anusha Nairy New Member

    Jul 21, 2018
    I am a trailing spouse who is actively seeking a job in Jakarta. I only have KITAS (dependent visa), and looking for an employer who can sponsor my work visa.
    I have three years of experience as a Software Developer. I have studied Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication. I am also flexible regarding my job role. My skills are as follows,
    • Having almost 3 years of experience in SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft Business Intelligence tools ( SSIS and SSRS ).
    • Having Experience in creating database objects such as tables, views, writing stored procedures and usage of Triggers and Indexes to facilitate efficient Data Manipulation and Data Consistency.
    • Worked under agile methodology and understands Scrum framework.
    • Proficient in MS Office. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
    Other than work my hobbies are Dancing, Event Organizing and cooking. I am trained in Indian classical Dancing. I was part of an event organizing committee in my previous company and have been acknowledged for multitasking, leadership qualities and my organizational skills. With a high willingness to learn, and eagerness to efficiently contribute to what is taught to me, I am sure that I will not disappoint the Employer.

    If anybody has a job to offer or if you can refer me to related jobs, please contact me on this forum.
    Thank you.

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