ACL reconstruction surgery


So I had my surgery in KL on Friday. All went well and the pain is a lot less than I thought it would be. Thank you oxycodone I guess. The waking up from the anesthesia was brutal though, with about 15mn of panic with convulsions, stiffness throughout the whole body, shivering till my teeth were clacking against one another, difficulty breathing and communicating that I felt like I was dying. A bit of agitation around me but they gave me meds to calm me down, then I slept almost till the next day, kinda groggy.

The following day, I did the first session of physiotherapy and could already start walking with crutches and knee brace. That's also when I got the details of what exactly was wrong in my knee:
  • contusion on both tibia and femur
  • ACL completely torn, it was replaced with a piece of tendon from my hamstring. A notch in my bone was required to attach the new ACL. They also used a plastic screw to keep it in place.
  • PCL partially torn, had to be sutured and shortened about 1mm with heat gun
  • Meniscus also torn and sutured with heat gun
  • Patella was cut down on the outside left for ease of mobility

This whole ordeal took 1h10 and I was out for 1h20. Not bad.

I also got a nice USB key with the video of the procedure which I have no intention of watching, ever.

Also, good surprise: total cost was only 77jt, excluding physio but including a new knee brace and crutches. Add to that about 800rb for physio, 4jt of hotel, 7jt of tickets (for 2 people) + taxis + food and I'm way below the cost in Jakarta of almost 200jt.

Sunday the physio clinic was closed, but it was also the day to check out from hospital and check into the hotel in Bukit Bintang. No formal physio but I did my recommended exercises from my bed. I also walked all the way to Jalan Alor to eat some street food and durian. Good work out.

Monday I did another round of physio, very similar to what I did in Jakarta: some ultrasound therapy, some electric therapy, some strengthening movements and icing. I also received my new knee brace, much smaller and lighter than what I had which makes it easier to walk.

In the afternoon, I managed to walk to the mall for both lunch and dinner with only one crutch. In more quiet sections, I try to use no crutch at all. Not really painful but a feeling of weakness and awkwardness. It really is like learning to walk all over again, having to think carefully about each step.

I still have 2 more nights in KL before flying back to Jakarta. I did not believe my doctor when he said I would be ready to fly back 3 days after surgery, I was wrong because I could have totally gone home today.

Apparently, I should be able to ride my bike and even run in 2 months with the knee brace. I hope so, let's see.
That is great news to hear. I always like it when a plan come together. Congrats to you and may you heal quickly.
Great news - hope the recovery goes smoothly - keep us updated! Its nice to hear these good surgery news stories. Love that they gave you the UBS of it!!

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