A new era of world wide poverty

I just heard from a civil enginering guy that the President and 5 of his ministers will move out to IKN next year. But ... maybe the new President .. don't want ... Oeps 👎
Just watched a video on Youtube "Dark side of Indonesia" .. there are a lot of these videos btw about different countries like Vietnam, Japan, Brazil ..

In the video it also mentioned that Jakarta is the most vulnerable city due to climate change...that the government decided to move the city to another island.


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Jakarta lies on soft layers of sand and clay. If you pump out more groundwater than naturally flows in, the water pressure will decrease and the clay layers in particular will collapse. Large parts of Jakarta have thus fallen below sea level.
The city is a bathtub. Rivers run through it, but they can no longer discharge their own water into the sea because the sea level is too high. So the water has to be pumped out. Not the sea, but the city is now the drain, which entails enormous pollution.
In 2019, the Indonesian government decided to build a new capital on the island of Kalimantan. Life in Jakarta had become too unsafe because of the rising water. So, this decision is a BIG sign for people to move out of Jakarta. But, as you know ... people are ... like ostriches, sticking their heads in the sand. Don't want to deal with the emerging danger.
26% of Netherlands is bellow the sea level.

The pumps at Pasar Ikan (where the end of Kali Besar river/channel is) in North Jakarta are pumping water for few decades already. Most of Jakarta rivers are several meters below the sea level.
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