A difference in testing / digestive system / anatomy*. The Mie Sedaap story.


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Jul 31, 2016
* cross out what is not applicable

I just saw an ad on and Indonesian TV channel (TransTV) in which six newer types of (instant) noodles were promoted. Mainly ‘Korean’ flavors.

The brand is Mie Sedaap, similar to something as IndoMie of course.


But wait a sec, wasn’t there a bit of a scandal around this brand of mie goreng and noodle soup last year? Ah yes, in Singapore two products were banned because they were found to contain ethylene oxide-type pesticides in the bags with chili powder.

And it got even worse; then all these six Mie Sedaap products were banned. And previously also Taiwan and Hong Kong had taken similar action. And Malaysia recalled some lots.

Well, not here in Indonesia it seems.

According to Wings Group Indonesia these products have tested against international food safety standards and are safe for consumption. It makes you think what the difference is in testing procedures and acceptable deviations by the national food & drug administrations.
I'm sure they recalled the infected ones and this is the new ones

I mean they not going to stop selling them entirely? They recall the bad batch and refill the shelves with new ones
Otherwise there would be nothing in the shelves. Most foods and drinks have had a problem recall at some point
Plus here they do the halal check also
Well, the response of the Indonesian Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan was, if not lax, somewhat indifferent; "Look, this company sells a lot of food. If out of 1 billion, there is perhaps 1 with an issue" Zulhas told CNBC Indonesia.

The Chairman of the Joint Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs (GAPMMI) Adhi S Lukman, made an interesting remark: “There is an increase of food safety demands in export-destination countries. It seems that countries are getting tighter and tighter, the technological advancement in terms of detecting residues, is increasing. Now for example, they found pesticide residues (in instant noodles) because developed countries are constantly improving the technology to analyze, while pesticide residues in Indonesia cannot be properly analyzed and found" Adhi said.


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