84 years old Translator/Proof-reader


Mar 2, 2021

Wow, isn’t it?

That is my dad. He told me to advertise him. He is a kind guy that cannot be still, even with his age like that. But I gotta admit that he doesn’t look like an 84 years old man. I guess that’s because he has a disciplined lifestyle, especially his morning walk routine after morning pray/subuh. And at his age now, he is still sharp and conscientious. And from I see him now, he is in very well shape, still walk fast, and always travel with public transportation (you can imagine how long TransJakarta pedestrian bridges are).

About his competency, He is very good at English. He has a Sworn Translator Certificate and he has worked with several big companies or organizations. Either as a translator or proof-reader or even accompanying mission members from the New York office during their trips to various places in Indonesia. And he did all that at the age above 60 years old.

And his educational background, He has Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung – ITB (one of the finest college in Indonesia). And he used to work for the largest coal mining company in Indonesia with the latest position under the Technical Director before he got retired.

Therefore, if any one of you would like to use his services, feel free to message me. And I will give him his cell number and you can contact him directly to ask about this and that.

Thanks very much.

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