kartu keluarga

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    KK for Foreigner

    Hi, If I am still a KITAS holder (spouse sponsored) is it possible for me to get a KK for myself? Or I should wait until I am a KITAP holder already. If I can already get KK, what is the procedure and requirements for this? Thanks! In addtion, does anyone ever experienced a wrong address in...
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    Kartu keluarga and wife sponsored kitas

    I am about to apply for kitas. My wife has updated her kartu keluarga, but in order to get our kids on the KK and register med as the father she needs indonesian birth certificate since we only have from the country they were born in (not Indonesia). They say we need to get this from an embassy...
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    Wife sponsored Kitas but KTP is not registered in city where we will be living

    Hi I have 3 questions that I have not been able to find an answer to here on the forum: 1. I will move to Indonesia with my wife next year and her KTP is registered in Jogja, but we will be living in Sumatra. Would it be best for her to report relocation to Sumatera and get her Kartu Keluarga...

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