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    looking for recommendations for divorce lawyer (jakarta)

    Can anyone give advice for looking for a divorce lawyer in the Jakarta area? I need a lawyer that is willing to wait for payment until after the results. My wife took every rupiah for 8 yrs and now am I kicked out of the house , sent to a different island with nothing. thx
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    new advice asap

    I was recently fired from a school. They dont want to give return flight, severance pay or any thr. I just told them I have contacted manpower and within 5 mins the school responded saying that they have talked to manpower and that my spouse sponsored kitas will be cancelled when they cancel my...
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    Mom and baby/ kids needs?

    I would like to promote my babyshop. We stock a variety of items for moms, babies and young kids. Please take a look at our store. We can be found on tokopedia, shopee, and bukalapak. Just search GAB Babyshop! Thanks! Our most complete available items are on shopee, but if you wish to buy from...
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    Iphone 6 128 gb for sale

    I want to sell my Iphone 6 128 gb with all accessories plus a new ipaky case and a lightning cable to 3.5 mm headphone jack and usb cable 7.5 juta
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    trade ps3 320 gb

    Hi I want to try to trade my ps3 320 gb with 3 games and 2 controllers for an iphone 5 5s or higher end samsung. PM with any offers. Also if you want to buy it shoot me an offer but dont low ball me, its barely used. thanks!
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    Cleaning out my old toko bangunan

    I have for sale a bunch of M-One paint, the laquer kind for wood and metal, in 1 kg cans and the very small cans(forget what amount). a bunch of squat style toilets in various colors and the 5kg interior paint in limited colors and stock. Also a bunch of various types of pipe fittings in mostly...
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    For sale 2015 Avanza Veloz 1.5 Black Metallic & Chrome

    OOPS Its a 2016 Only 4,100 km! Price:195,000,000 (nego) 3M Window Film (very dark) Extra factory options: Power folding mirrors Rear bumper Seat covers Rust protection Location: Cimanggis-Depok Only used to take my son to and from school. Never wrecked, I don’t even think it has a scratch on...
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    Hello all!

    I have finally found everyone! It seemed a lil quiet at the old place, then I read a post from someone saying everyone moved to another site. So I asked Mr Google and after a quick search found this very familiar site with familiar names.

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