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    Indonesia to extend mandatory quarantine to 14 days for travellers from some countries.

    Why would they have exemptions? Because the travellers are coming from first world countries?
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    US doctors living in Indonesia

    @Dharma Police I am not in the medical field.
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    US doctors living in Indonesia

    Director is not a position in a medical capacity. Allowed positions in the health industry are, Board members: -Commissioner/President Commissioner; -President Director/Director (non-medical) and managerial/advisory positions: -Finance Manager -Administration Manager -Sales/Marketing...
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    US doctors living in Indonesia

    From 2018, no foreigner can hold any position as a health worker whatsoever, including "medical advisor" position, that existed before. From 2018-2019, there are no foreigners employed as health workers in Indonesia in any medical/medical advisory capacity.
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    VITAS for ex WNI to visit Indo during this period

    It looks like the employees in the consulate are not updated with the latest immigration regulations. This is a usual thing, as immigration regulations are done by the Ministry of Law, Directorate of Immigration, while the embassies/consulates are under the Ministry of Diplomacy.
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    VITAS for ex WNI to visit Indo during this period

    Only business, investor, work, and family reunion visas are issued at the moment for applicants from offshore.
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    VITAS for ex WNI to visit Indo during this period

    Repatriation VITAS visas are not issued offshore for the moment, only onshore. For this kind of visa, you need an Indonesian citizen as a sponsor, usually a family member. Offshore applicants can get a business visa and stay 60 days, extendable every 30 days.
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    First jab done

    When I found out that humans with 9-inch penises could be actually women, I understood how deep my ignorance was. Just trying to adapt.
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    First jab done

    I follow the new science. I've learned. I am a better person now.
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    First jab done

    So if you self-identify as a woman in the late 30s-late 40s would you take JJ or Pfizer?
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    First jab done

    In the US there are enough vaccines and JJ is a US vaccine. So If I am in the US and I had to choose between JJ and others, will choose others. If I am in Indonesia as I am, I cannot choose anything as there are no vaccines. And btw, blood clothes were at the women in their late 30s-40s meaning...
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    First jab done

    "...everything else equal." The metaphor means: if you have a choice of several vaccines and some have adverse effects, will choose the one without adverse effects.
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    First jab done

    ...meaning the chance to have adverse effects is 1:1.000.000. The chance to die in an airplane accident is 1:5.000.000-1:10.000.000, and you would always choose Garuda over Lion Air, everything else equal.
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    How to make sure you get the Chinese vaccine.!

    The private companies could register through KADIN (Chamber of Commerce) for shots and get vaccines for employees. I personally know a person who got a shot of Sinovac through this scheme, and this person is a well-connected individual. I do not know did the company pay or not for the vaccines...
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    Pro-international banks, max monthly international transfers and expat financial advisors

    BCA has US-made vasco tokens for authorization of transactions, both business and personal. For Mandiri I use the same type of tokens for business banking, you can ask do they have for personal banking. By this you avoid SMS. The photo is attached. According to BI regulation maximum is 25.000...
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    Pro-international banks, max monthly international transfers and expat financial advisors

    You can use Mandiri online banking with certification tokens. No SMS needed. For transferring more than 25.000 USD you would have to have an underlying transaction. Mortgage payment should be considered a valid underlying transaction. In BI regulation, foreign debt, in case that you are an...
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    Bule living in middle class neighbourhood experience

    The biggest challenges will be sewage smell and low-octane-fuel smell from motorbikes, pollution in general and dengue mosquitoes. For rats, it is advisable to have a good alpha-cat with territorial instincts. It helped me at the time. Houses are usually dark. A power-hungry RT could be a...
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    Inheritance Tax

    When an Indonesian spouse dies, the Kelurahan will issue a list of inheritors-Ahli Waris. If the foreigner is the inheritor, his/her name will be on the list. The inheritors have the right to agree about the division of the property or cash it, divide it, dispose, distribute among them etc...
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    Working KITAS - options to stay further

    As an ex-WNI, you have to apply for KITAS first, and apply for KITAP, which can be done immediately after ex-WNI got the KITAS. Ex-WNI KITAS/KITAP has the right to work by the Immigration Law, however, the employer would have to have some knowledge to process the work permit as this case is not...
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    New 5 Year Visa Option Starting To Take Shape

    @dafluff "vastly overestimate" is an understatement. They live in their own bubble. Even "Malaysia My Second Home" is cheaper and you can use part of the deposit money for house purchase. And don't forget, after 5 years you have to take your deposit money back-another thrilling moment.

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