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    Where’s the water

    i found this interesting but depressing piece from the BBC Our neighbour opposite has had to bore deeper for water, 2 years ago we went from 25 metres to 33metres for water, several houses at the top of the hill in the kampung have run out of bore...
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    BPJS cost max cost query

    i was wondering what the maximum amount you can get on BPJS, in my case when I went to Pondok Indah hospital I was quoted 45 million for gall stone removal, due problems total cost 82 million, my old pal went to Mayapada hospital, he was quoted 50 million for a hernia op, ended up paying over...
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    Oops! Is this legal here.

    I was watching Sky news this morning, instead of the usual interest items between the news, they were showing UK TV adverts, quite a nice change from the humorless adverts here, but they showed adverts about gambling from Coral and Ladbrooks, as gambling is frowned on here, could it cause Sky...
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    Tyre punctures, warning

    Over the years I’ve had numerous flat tires caused by robbers who puncture your tyre and while you are replacing the wheel they steal contents from your car, it happened the first puncture, but I wised up after that and allways had my car doors locked changing wheels, my daughter for the 2nd...
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    Is there something wrong with Brits and balconies

    Every time I read a uk newspaper, some Brit has fallen off a balcony in Spain, it’s a very sad loss of life, but is there something wrong with Spanish balconies that Brits fall off, do other nationalities have the same problem or is it just Brits who take the plunge,
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    My wife has to go to Surabaya today as it is close to the one year anniversary of her dads dying, so we all know how important that is, we set off very early this morning, very good time till we get to the last Toll gate on the airport road, it’s down hill from then on, quite a jam at the toll...
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    Another dreadful disaster

    Well what a awful time to have a disaster, 180 people drown on Lake Toba, the usual authorities have failed again, a boat grossly overloaded, they never learn, anyway I must express deep sympathy but will it make any difference, probably not ,
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    Today we have two men, both with the worlds worst haircuts and biggest egos, sitting down for a chat about nuclear bombs, use or not use, will one of them throw a hizzy fit and storm out for not getting his way, let’s hope it all goes well, not like the G7 talks, anybody care to guess the outcome
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    My wife got a pressie

    Well in a previous thread I suggest that most Indonesian didn’t know where palastine was, when my wife left the mosque this evening after prayers , everybody was given a very large map of Palestine, I don’t really think she is any the wiser, but now I have a problem, where am I going to hang the...
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    Should we be involved in this

    i see the total British armaments to to the sorties into Syria to rightly destroy Assad’s chemical production was some clapped out Tornados built in 1979, firing a total of 8 missiles of a 105 total, no Royal Naval surface vessel is capable of firing missiles, The Typhoons won’t be capable of...
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    How old are you

    I found this quiz in the Daily Mirror, 50 questions to determine your age See how old some of you old farts are
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    Do the Bees know

    I popped into Ace at Lebak Bulas to buy some herbicide, they didn’t have any, but I was surprised to see a sign selling Halal honey, looked ordinary honey to me so what’s special about Halal honey and are the bees happy with this, or this a sled pitch to the gullible
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    Book Fair

    I visited the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair yesterday it’s located at ICE, Hall 8 BSD I was surprised how big it is millions of good books in English, Indonesian, all subjects under the sun covered, all the children’s books are in English, less than half price, it’s on for a few more days, if an avid...
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    Application for KTP renewal: Tangerang

    I thought I would just do a write up for anyone renewing their KTP, just for info, it may vary from area to area, as it appears some applicants have problem, not there fault I must say Paperwork Copy of KK Copy of passport Copy of KITAP card Copy of birth certificate, This must be black and...
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    Oh dear, bit of a problem

    Bit of a problem I’m afraid, many years ago my wife was driving me home from PIM, at the traffic lights at Lebak Bulas she lost her nerve, she set off from the lights and was met by a horde of crazy motor cyclist, she just froze so we had to change places and I drive, she hasn’t driven since...
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    Apple iPhone 5s battery problem

    My daughters iPhone 5s has battery problems, it soon discharges and takes ages to recharge, is this due to an Apple update and is there any thing we can do about it, and does anybody else have or had this problem, or is it a new battery, I’m sure I read something a while back about this problem
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    What to do about bonfires

    we have a large vacant plot of land next to our house, we’ve had a squatter and his family now for about 3 years, I really aren’t bothered where he lives and on occasion helped him, but fairly recently he has taken to lighting bonfires almost every day, with the resultant smoke and ash blowing...
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    Is anywhere safe

    Oh dear, another piece of the new toll road collapses, numerous accidents have occurred over the past couple of years, sadly injuries and death, what with dangerous buses on the road, aircraft mishaps, boats catching fire, loony motor cyclist, I’m just wondering if it’s safe to travel, mind I...
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    The bees knees

    Here is an unusual request, I appreciate the good bees do and how important they are, but it appears a swarm have taken up residence in my roof, now do I leave them or get rid of them, they have only just arrive so no problems yet, will I get problems if I leave them, I don’t think bees will...
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    2nd Kitap renewal at Tangerang Immigratio

    I thought I would write briefly on my 2nd KITAP renewal at Tangerang Immigration office, I think is other areas of Indonesia the process may vary slightly, a couple of things get to the office early as the immigration office car park fills up and closes, due to the law court being in close...

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