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  1. Vanuatu

    When do the schools go back after Corona?

    My son has been on a hybrid program in the US all this year (actually worked out well), he will be enrolled at Bali Island (International) School for the next term and they have said all teachers and staff are now vaccinated and they plan to start in person classes with the new term in August.
  2. Vanuatu

    Building Material

    There was a mall in Glodok that was full of individual building material suppliers. I can't remember the name, but it was on Hayam Wuruk. Huge supply from electrical, plumbing, windows, doors and raw material to order.
  3. Vanuatu

    medical insurance

    You can try this guy Dave Wheelhouse: +62-812-1033-393 He does expat medical insurance
  4. Vanuatu

    NPWP and filing

    You get taxed on your interest earned monthly regardless of if you have a NPWP or not. The bank takes it out directly.
  5. Vanuatu

    Self quarantine 14 days.

    Only 193 more countries to go through to narrow it down
  6. Vanuatu

    Migrating to Bali, personal goods taxable entry?

    I brought in several expensive paintings from Los Angeles to Jakarta a few years ago, all framed and packaged in boxes, one was well over 120 cm in length and had no issues going through the nothing to declare line. I had a story ready that they were family portraits I was bringing home, but no...
  7. Vanuatu

    !!!JNE is struggling with COVID19!!! / #janganpakejne

    I haven't seen much of a slow down with Amazon, I actually ordered a bunch of Indonesian seasoning packets last week and they arrived to Hawaii in 3 days. We order something at least once a week from Amazon and I think the longest we have had to wait is 8 days, but most around 4 or 5 days.
  8. Vanuatu

    Quickest Way to visit the US

    My wife was approved for a US visa about 1 year after we got married without any excess paperwork (although this was in 2009). Had your wife been turned down for a visa before marriage? If she had been rejected before it is often much harder to get approved in the future. Do you have a child...
  9. Vanuatu

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Is that the Senayan one? I haven't been for over a year but used to frequent it more often a few years ago and everyone in the kitchen, the waiter's helpers who bring the food out to the table always had mask on and often times a few of the waitresses. Perhaps they have changed their policy or...
  10. Vanuatu

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    They normally wear mask at Din Tai Fung, it isn't because of the coronavirus, they have been doing it for as long as I can remember in the Jakarta locations.
  11. Vanuatu

    Can children born in Bali get a Indo Passport if they Hold Foreign Passport?

    Vietnam now allows for an online visa, takes one day for approval print it out and bring it with you, no need to get the VOA. As for the affidavit we have traveled in and out of Indonesia over 30 times in the past 10 years with my son using his US passport and his Indonesian affidavit (with his...
  12. Vanuatu

    Merp renewal

    I renewed mine once 2.5 years after it expired with no issues, this was around 2014.
  13. Vanuatu


    You may have better luck with Indons over Chindos ...... I think what snpark was referring to when he asked if "you were real" was your usage of " Chindo" I have friends that I would use Chindo with and they wouldn't take offense but I wouldn't use it with people I didn't know and I'd only use...
  14. Vanuatu

    Any Harm or Real Danger?

    I have only lived in Bali and Jakarta so can't comment on the rest of the regions, but I have seen and heard of similar things in both places including but not limited to bribes or payments to the police, mafia groups, religious groups, the tax office etc.... It varies of course, if you have a...
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    Religious education for dual nationality kids

    I was told by the head of one of the schools a couple of years ago (they were starting to enforce it then) that if you chose Confucianism they would most likely not be able to find a teacher and the student would just have to be taught at home. We ended up moving so didn't enroll there but that...
  16. Vanuatu

    Any Harm or Real Danger?

    I sold a client a large plot of land with an older house on it, there plan was to demo the house and built 4 houses to sell. As soon as they demolished the house 4 separate youth / community organizations (mafia groups) had put their organizational flags at the gate and were all asking for 2 to...
  17. Vanuatu


    Hi, welcome back.
  18. Vanuatu

    Aceh "bans" NYE

    Dan, the fact that you now live in New Orleans says a lot about Aceh and its future. I think the hypocrisy and corruption of the Aceh leadership and their control over the people using draconian religious rules will only lead to a further brain drain and further poverty and misery for its...
  19. Vanuatu

    Aceh "bans" NYE

    The news article from Saudi is a year old, but hopefully they are allowing a party again this year. As Saudi is the birthplace of Aceh's god you would think the Acehnese people would consider it blasphemy to not follow in their lead, or perhaps Aceh's form of Islam is as deviant as the Ahmadiyah
  20. Vanuatu

    home internet provider

    If the bill is not in your name, just stop paying it and they will eventually cancel the service. You can get a new service at anytime, just disconnect the Telkomsel.

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