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  1. nosox


    what do I need to know about this? It was recommended as a way to find movies. Any info appreciated
  2. nosox

    Japanese resto

    just wondering if there are any Japanese restaurants in Bandung. I was just chatting with a new expat from Japan and he was asking thanks
  3. nosox

    shortages in your area

    anyone having trouble finding certain products in their area? Round here for some time we can't find onions...... its already a few weeks so unsure if its outbreak related
  4. nosox


    last week our internet was out from a rat chewing the cable, then this morning the power is out after a squirrel got into the transformer across the road :(
  5. nosox

    halal paint

    I had thought I had seen it all with the halal fridges, but here we go with halal paint I can only say WTF!!!
  6. nosox

    Formula Eeee

    a story in Tempo says its coming to Jakarta next year. I'd share the link but don't know how to do it on my phone
  7. nosox

    gardeners please help

    my Cambodja (?) tree is suffering. Anyone have an idea what I need to give it? TIA
  8. nosox

    cat repellent

    any suggestions beside something similar to my long gone pal Ochre
  9. nosox


    after almost 7 years here my tongue and body are rejecting nasi......... just about can't handle it any more
  10. nosox


    yesterday being Hari Pahlawan (apologies if spelled wrong) and today being Remembrance Day RESPECT for all who have or are serving. This Glengarry belonged to my Grampa
  11. nosox


    don't you love it when you find a tukang (in whatever field) who actually knows what he's about My wife has this ancient Singer Butterfly sewing machine which she refuses to give up. It had some issues beyond my scope so a fella was called..... He shows up on time and within 1/2 an hour sewing...
  12. nosox

    Get your foot off

    Would whoever has their foot on the interwebz hose please remove it. I'm gonna need some speed soon My last test I was getting 50 kbps down. It's the same by my fibre or on my phone Maybe they're keeping me safe again GRRRRR
  13. nosox

    Aging gracefully

    Lately I've often found myself wondering if I've forgotten TO do something or if I've forgotten THAT I did it
  14. nosox


    While I don't expect much, I wish him luck
  15. nosox


    yes, I'm one. Yesterday we went to a newer eatery where they had a big sign to remind folks they shouldn't eat with their left hand because that's what the devil does hahaha If we continue to eat there, which we probably will because it was pretty tasty, I may have to compose a response in case...
  16. nosox

    A little IT help please

    I've been listening to a Rock radio station from Calgary for some time on my old laptop running windows 7 and through Opera's VPN with very rare issues. Now I got a new laptop with Windows 10 got the Opera and VPN going fine. When I click on the play button I get the usual ad with sound, then...
  17. nosox

    Oleh oleh

    Whats your thoughts? Love or hate getting a giant sack or bale of crackers :) Mostly thats what we get and I ignore. Yesterday however a fella brought us a box of kue from East Java and, holy crap its tasty
  18. nosox

    he got an extra wife...

    good for her. Hope she doesn't get in trouble.
  19. nosox


    I've been halfheartedly looking for a new gas bbq since the burner on my antique Nantucket (got free from my BinL and had to build a frame from square tubing) burned/rusted itself out. Holy crap its an expensive thing to buy here. 2x from Canada. I just emptied the guts out of it and am happily...
  20. nosox

    a little positivity

    chatting with tukang parkir at a warung we frequent yesterday, he was asking where we lived and usual chit chat... at the end of which he said "its good to know our neighbours........ we're all brothers" Gave me a smile and some hope for the country :)

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