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  1. rabbit_39

    Manado must eats

    Dear all, I'll be in Manado for about a week, and it's been years since I've been there last. What are some recommendations on places to go for foods? Foods that are unique to Manado, exceptionally good, or have really fresh seafoods. Budget is up to 200-300k per person (without alcohol) and...
  2. rabbit_39

    Home inspection services

    Dear all, does anyone know if there are home inspection services in Indonesia when one buys a house? I would like to ensure that the house is up to code, wiring is done properly according to Indonesian electrical code (yes they have one, called PUIL 2011 :D), etc. Thank you!
  3. rabbit_39

    Women in leadership or non traditional professional roles

    Hello people, I am starting and getting the framework ready for an annual (hopefully) young women in the workforce conference. I will be asking for for volunteer committees later to actually run this. Currently what I would like to do is see if you guys are or know of women (any age) in...
  4. rabbit_39

    Wheelchair rental?

    Anyone know where I can rent a wheelchair for a couple of days? I know someone who is coming to Jakarta for a day and he will need a wheelchair. A used one runs me 1 million? If I can rent one for a couple of days for cheaper it would be great. Thanks.
  5. rabbit_39

    What can Indonesians be proud of?

    Try this one : Children choir performing in Italy. Look, with an abundance of specific things for Indonesians to be proud of, please don't be silly and just beat your chest and start singing that Indonesia Raya song. Instead look for actual things to be...
  6. rabbit_39

    Indonesia's solar PV Feed in Tariff regulation So Indonesia finally has a solar PV Feed in Tariff regulation that has a chance of working (except for local content ambiguity). The article has a little history, a little of current...
  7. rabbit_39

    Import procedures

    I was wondering if anyone here can shed some light to what I think is a weird procedure at the shipping yard's customs. So after a bunch of bla bla bla, a container was shipped to JKT, under the name of a company (real, has import licenses, used to importing products) and every little commas...
  8. rabbit_39

    The story of my conversion to mechanical keyboards - must read for heavy typists

    So I've always liked typing on those old keyboards, the clickety-clackety ones. Most notably from IBM, but other brands too. There's just something nostalgic about them, I thought. Especially since I really like vintage stuff. I collect fountain pens, I used to collect and perform minor...

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