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  1. Jaime C

    Typhoid fever

    We hired a helper for Opa a couple of months ago in Bandung. Last weekend she was feeling sick, and weak. She went to the clinic on Monday, and they diagnosed her with Typhoid fever. They gave her medication, and she’s feeling better. So we had her tested at a lab today, which still says she is...
  2. Jaime C

    Any restrictions driving from Bandung to Jakarta?

    We are planning on going to Jakarta next weekend, for a couple weeks. I know when I checked last month, and there was a police checkpoint, and a self health assessment. I see Bandung full of B plates lately, so there doesn’t seem to be any barriers if someone is coming from Jakarta. Has anyone...
  3. Jaime C

    Indonesian’s beliefs regarding ghosts, especially children

    My Javanese wife believes she can see ghosts, on a regular basis. It’s not something I’ve experienced, personally. In general, I believe that there are many things in this world that I haven’t experienced, so normally it doesn’t matter to me. Since we have returned to Bandung last month, my 7...
  4. Jaime C

    Best food to get delivered during Covid-19 lockdown

    We like to go out to eat once or twice a week, normally. Now that it’s pretty difficult to do so, finding places open and delivering can be harder than normal. Some delivery services tack on 10-20% higher fees for food, plus a delivery fee. Buying direct from the restaurant usually helps them...
  5. Jaime C

    Covid-19th deaths in Indonesia, friends or relatives

    I never thought I’d start a thread like this. My wife’s uncle in Bekasi has been sick for a week. He’s a hard working guy, working on equipment in a building or mall. Never takes any sick time except when he got in a motorbike accident 4-5 years ago. He’s in his early 60’s. A relative took him...
  6. Jaime C

    Alphard/van from Jakarta to Bandung at a reasonable price

    We are approaching the end of our 14 day self isolation after flying into Jakarta. I know there are some restrictions in place for travel, but my wife seems to think as residents of Bandung we will be able to return. We’ve got about 6 large luggages and a few small ones, plus a wheelchair. We...
  7. Jaime C

    JOG airport flights moved Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) March 29, 2020

    Yet another airport move. This time to Kulon Progo, which is supposed to be 90 minutes away. Not sure if there are flight exclusions, but the email I got from Air Asia said all domestic and international flights were moving.
  8. Jaime C

    Would you travel to Indonesia now? Should I stay, or should I go now...

    We’re in the US during the school year, but usually go to our house in Indonesia for 2.5 months during the summer. With the Corona virus going on, I think there is a very good chance that our local school will announce their closure this month. Given that’s it’s just another 2 months or so left...
  9. Jaime C

    Gas cylinder safety

    Just heard that our former backyard neighbor (we moved 6 houses down the street) in our Bandung complex, had their green gas cylinder explode while using it, yesterday. The poor lady had burns over 60% of her body, and had been operated on. The pictures of the house look pretty dire. I know...
  10. Jaime C

    Big earthquake near Jakarta?

    My wife said a 7.4 earthquake hit by the airport. Relative felt in Bandung pretty strongly. I hope everyone is well. Online it says 6.9 on the Richter scale, south of Java.
  11. Jaime C

    Getting your money out of an Indonesian bank for a disabled relative

    My FIL had a brain aneurysm almost three years ago. We have been taking care of him medically, and with a 24/7 nurse since he was released from the hospital. As you can imagine, it’s been a traumatic event for the entire family. Sometimes it’s little things that aggravate you the most. My...
  12. Jaime C

    Bandung domestic jet flights being moved from BDO to Kertajati (KJT) on July 1, 2019

    We have a flight from Bandung to Bali next month. One thing I’ve liked about flying out of Bandung is that it’s fairly close and easy to get to. My wife has just told me that all domestic jet flights have been moved to the Kertajati airport (KJT), which is quite some distance away. Obviously I...
  13. Jaime C

    Tsunami in Sulawesi

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen a post on this yet. Hope everyone is ok! 7.5 earthquake?
  14. Jaime C

    CPAP machines, new, used or rentals?

    I have a Cpap machine (Sleep apnea machine) that I use to be able to sleep. The last couple of days, the motor has started to sound a bit loud, and I have a feeling it is on it’s way out. I had a backup machine, but with the house move last year, Ibu now claims she knows nothing about where it...
  15. Jaime C

    First major car accident in Indonesia

    This evening we were headed to Jakarta on the tollway coming from Bandung, about 10km before the toll booth. They were doing the one lane blocked off on the right hand lane, for people leaving Jakarta. A big cone had been knocked into the center of our lane, as my wife slowed to try and change...
  16. Jaime C

    Australia and New Zealand visitor visas for Indonesians

    On the way back to the US this summer, I found a nice fare out of New Zealand. So I decide to book stays for us in New Zealand and Australia. The online process for Australia seems relatively easy. Took me 20-25 minutes to fill out online. $140 AUD fee New Zealand on the other hand, is way...
  17. Jaime C

    DNA test for family research

    I know a bit of family history from my mothers family, but not much from my fathers. I did the ancestry DNA test in the US in 2016. Rather interesting, but mostly what I expected. German/Swiss, UK/Ireland, Iberian and some Scandanavian and Finnish/Russian. I did the same test last month for my...
  18. Jaime C

    Mrs. Squirrel’s nuts go on holiday

    Mrs. Squirrel’s nuts had been in Bandung long enough, and wanted to go on holiday. A short stop in Jakarta, before heading off to the airport. Lounging far above the river, in Bangkok. Moving to central Bangkok. Time for more excitement, on to Paris. Time for a quick stop at the...
  19. Jaime C

    Hate the drive to/from Bandung? Just fly!

    i was looking for flights from Bandung using Google Flights, and noticed it said there were nonstops to Jakarta. I'd never seen any before, so clicked on it. Seems Wings is flying their ATR42 planes once a day from Halim. I've flown these between Denpasar and Lombok before. Not fashionable in...
  20. Jaime C

    Perhaps a reason why Indonesian kids don't learn English well.

    My wife had been buying basic bilingual (Bahasa Indonesian/English) books to help our 4 year old learn to read. I often read to her in English and am really apalled at how bad the english translation is. These series from Daffa Media all have bad english translations. Often laughably so. I'm...

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