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  1. vocalneal

    Bali hippies ignore social distancing rules

    Bali hippies ignore social distancing rules Bali tourists caught ignoring social distancing at crowded yoga studio
  2. vocalneal

    So what happened to member gyatmaja

    He posted on here that he can do personal shopping in Indonesia.
  3. vocalneal

    Anyone experienced problems mailing stuff out of Indonesia. Even pre current situation

    A mate of mine has been trying to mail me a pair of glasses but no joy. Even JNE Express won't take them. There is some restriction. We've been trying since last year.
  4. vocalneal

    Dissatisfaction with the election

    I'm reading about demonstrations regarding the outcome of the recent election. Will someone prece the situation for me.
  5. vocalneal

    Who is in Surabaya?

    Just been told I might be moving to Mojokerto just west of Surabaya. What is Surabaya like generally? I'm sure I will be fine .
  6. vocalneal

    Best local option for on-line shopping payment

    I have a local bank account which is not Visa or MasterCard so i need something recognized for on-line shopping. I heard Mandiri has a special card for on-Line payment is this the best option. I don't feel like giving Tokopedia/Bukalapak access to my US$ debit card when i open a real...
  7. vocalneal

    What is it with Asians and email? Thais are the same.

    I have been to two scooter shops to spend money. I went both times on a Sunday. OK the owner wasn't there but I left a message and got email addresses. I was told at both shops that the owner speaks English. So sent two emails one to each. NOTHING! No acknowledgement or anything. I did get a...
  8. vocalneal

    Electronic money and online shopping which card best?

    OK so i have a bank account but it is company Sinar Mas which seems to be useless for anything except receiving salary and cash from ATM. So i need a card for local on-line shopping etc. Which is the best or a good way to proceed. I heard Mandiri has a card specifically for on-line...
  9. vocalneal

    Do you guys use a Kodi box?

    Just for TV. Where do i get one? Going to get a Smartfren Wifi widget as that is one that covers the place i work.
  10. vocalneal

    Who knows about birds?

    It flies around at dusk and dawn screeching loudly as if to anounce its teretory. Very loud , very shrill cry.
  11. vocalneal

    I made it here

    I'm sat at/in Alum Sutera in Wendy's. Tried to buy a hotspot thingy yesterday but the lady didn't show up to our office as scheduled I assume because today is a holiday. Yeah welcome to Indonesia :-) Oh well at least i'm getting paid!
  12. vocalneal

    Bank notes and changing money

    My new company recommends changing $1000 or $2000 at the airport. Given that the largest note is 100,000 that is going to be 140 + notes so I'm thinking just change $1000 or I won't be able to sit up straight? How thick is 140 notes?
  13. vocalneal

    So when I buy a scooter who does the rego change

    Me or the previous owner. What is the cost? What information / documents will I need?
  14. vocalneal

    What kind of visa will I need for work that can be tuned into a KITAS

    I need to ask the embassy here how long it will take to process so I can start planning my arrival. I assume Business but maybe a visit visa is OK.
  15. vocalneal

    How about consolidating all vehicle related topics into one sub-group

    Mobil Rayak (spelling) currently in News For sale currently in Classifieds etc. Sepeda motor Etc. Motoring In Indonesia ? Or Indonesia Motoring Forum
  16. vocalneal

    VIZ TIPS -- Post your favourites?

    Post your favourites. Confession? Idea borrowed from another forum. A few to start Whilst on a cruise this summer, on the back of my cabin door was a notice reading 'Please think of the environment. Recycle where possible and switch off all appliances when not in use'. All this on a ship...
  17. vocalneal

    What sort of money do you guys pay for your glasses?

    I need some new ones and remember that they were significantly cheaper in Indo than Thailand. So it may be better to wait until I get there? It's not really the money it is the "Made In Germany" Thai-style rip off. Here would be about $700. For progressive, self tinting. No I am not buying then...
  18. vocalneal

    Is soda water commonly available in Indo convenience stores?

    My entrant for stupid post of the year.
  19. vocalneal

    For star gazers

    I watched a documentary. The Farthest. Every second Voyager1 gets 10 miles further from earth. That's +/- 1 million miles a day. FOREVER. Currently about 13 billion miles. It's like the Energizer bunny....Keeps going and going and going and likely to still be going after humans have gone...

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