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  1. waarmstrong

    Only the Rats are Still on Board.

    Defense Secretary Jame Mattis resign abruptly on Thursday. Brett McGurk, the special envoy for the global coalition to defeat Islamic State, submitted his resignation on Friday. The President is rumored to be on the verge of trying to fire the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell. Soon only...
  2. waarmstrong

    Shade Tree Mechanics

    One of my "hobbies" is keeping my dated fleet of vehicles road worthy at the least possible cost. The latest effort in this series involved replacing the starter of my 2001 Toyota Tundra pickup (See shitty photo below). The vehicle, at the most inopportune times would fail to start. Turn the...
  3. waarmstrong

    House has Termites

    House has termites. Suggestions for a pest control business to inspect and treat will be much appreciated.
  4. waarmstrong

    Free Books: Mostly Non-Fiction

    I have a few relatively recent titles, free to any one wants to read them, although you have to pick them up in Pasar Rebo, Jaktim, or arrange a handoff at a time & place convenient for me. CITOS, for example. The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby Same Kind of Difference as Me by Ron...
  5. waarmstrong

    Kulkas i.e. Refrigerator -- Need a Replacement

    Our 10 year old LG is still chugging along, but the freezer side (its a side-by-side) around the ice/water dispenser is rusting away. I put a decal around the dispenser a couple of years ago, but that's now about to bubble off. Besides the rust, the ice maker shot craps just before we arrived...
  6. waarmstrong

    Avoiding the Bali Airport Taxi Mafia

    On one leg of our two week vacation tour of a few of Indonesia's many attractions, we will be flying into Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). There seems to be a fair share of horror online stories focusing on getting a reasonable rate on airport to hotel transfers. Our hotel...
  7. waarmstrong

    Bali Ubud Hotel Suggestions

    We are hoping to include a few days in Bali while in-country this summer. The last time we were there in 2014, we stayed at the Green Field Hotel on Jl. Pengosekan on the edge of Ubud. It was just fine and not too expensive, as well as close enough for us to walk to most of the Ubud attractions...
  8. waarmstrong

    Mt Bromo Trekking Advise

    As part of our visit this summer, we are thinking of hiking to the Mount Bromo summit for the sunrise view. We would like to avoid the tour packages, especially those that drive groups to the summit, if at all possible. I have read that there are gates and a $30 change for those doing the 1 and...
  9. waarmstrong

    Shingles (Zostavax or Shingrix) & Tetanus/Diphtheria (Boostrix) Vaccine

    I had my annual physical a few days ago. Among other things, it was suggested that I get several vaccinations including a shingles inoculation and a TD booster, both of which are not covered by Medicare. The booster is a manageable $30, but the shingles shot in the USA costs $200 to $350...
  10. waarmstrong


    I have a few books to pass on to anyone, free for the taking. I don't plan to make a delivery and I would like them to go as a package; first come first serve & you have to take them all: The NIX a novel by Nathan Hill The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby Same Kind of DIfference as Me...
  11. waarmstrong

    Three Killed as Truck Rams Walmart Entrance in Pella, Iowa

    I thought the Forum might be interested to learn that not all multiple death incidents in America involve terrorism. Pella, Iowa, is my home town these days. This is a quiet, safe place that is almost never in the news. Today is different. An old man in a Ford F-150 crew-cab pickup rammed...
  12. waarmstrong

    Game 7

    Lead off batter, Fowler, homers to start the final game. Cubs up 1 to 0 with the Indians failing to score in the bottom of the first. After 2, Cubs still up 1 - 0. Indians score: 1 - 1 after 3. Cubs score 2 in the top of the 4th; 3 - 1 with the Indians coming to bat. Indians failed to score...
  13. waarmstrong

    Game 6

    After 3, Cubs up seven zip. After 5, seven - two.Still seven - two after 7 Still seven - two after 8 Top of the 9th Cubs record a 2 run homer, now nine - two. Final: Cubs win 9 to 3; there will be a game seven
  14. waarmstrong

    Iphone Screen lines

    My daughter's Iphone 5 has developed a series of fine vertical lines. Everything else works fine and screen copy is still readable -- it is just annoying and an impediment to game playing. She swears she did not drop it or get it wet, but the phone may have gotten overly hot during our recent...
  15. waarmstrong

    Something Old, Something New, Something ...

    Migrating from the other place, I frustratingly found that I was unable to contribute. (Had to wonder, "Could ExpatIndo be as glitchy as recent experience?") Until that is, I checked my email to find that one additional click was required to activate the privilege of providing, through this...

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