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    Do you like Indonesian movies?

    Hi everyone, Iam a big, big movie fan in general and an especially big fan of cinema from all over asia, mainly Japan, Thailand, HK/China, Korea or India That being said, as long as I still lived in Germany I never came across Indonesian movies. Sure, stuff like The Raid or Macabre (a gory...
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    Indonesia: Expat friendly or not?

    Hi everyone, I would be happy to hear some opinions on this topic and how you would rate Indonesia in terms of being expat-friendly. There are also some things to consider when we say expat friendly or not. I mean every country is different and has different capcitys and so on. Every country...
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    Laws against entering someones house?

    Hi everyone, to make it short, i had a little problem with my neighbor. No physical stuff, he was just angry about our renovation noises came into our house and made quite a scene. Are there any laws for illegal house entering or something like that? Cause on top of entering without my...
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    BPJS as foreigner with no work??

    Hello everybody, I just wanna make it short: Iam German my wife is Indonesian and we have one child, we are married since 2010. Iam 35 years old and we moved to Batam and stay permanent. No big problems so far. We don't work because my inheritance is enough for the next couple of years...

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