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  1. Jaime C

    5 days Mandatory Quarantine for Indonesian and Foreigners Enquiry

    I‘ve got some free night certs at the Ritz Carlton. I doubt they’d let me use them, even as a Marriott Plat member, for a Q-stay.
  2. Jaime C

    First jab done

    Hopefully you both will feel fine. Not wishing her reaction on anybody!
  3. Jaime C

    5 days Mandatory Quarantine for Indonesian and Foreigners Enquiry

    I think most hotels have the quarantine thing as package. I don’t think you’re going to book a 500k room online, and then try to turn it into a quarantine package.
  4. Jaime C

    First jab done

    If possible, any way to move the shots up a couple days earlier? If you have a serious reaction, you will not be in shape to fly. My wife had a 103+ fever, whole body badly shaking, hyperventilating, and felt super cold a day or two after the 2nd shot.
  5. Jaime C

    DON'T PANIC.... well, maybe a little bit.

    Hump? What hump? ;)
  6. Jaime C

    First jab done

    My wife has had pretty a strong reaction to her second Pfizer shot. A day after the shot, she had pretty bad body pain, then running a fever over 102f. On day two after feeling a bit better in the morning, mid afternoon she got serious chills, and uncontrolled shaking, high fever (103f+), and...
  7. Jaime C

    First jab done

    I think J and J is on hold at the moment in the US, due to blood clot problems in rare cases.
  8. Jaime C

    First jab done

    Wife and I got our second Pfizer shot in US yesterday. I had some slight stomach nausea, similar to the first shot. My wife has been hit hard. A bit of a fever, body aches and a bit of dizziness. I do love the drive in model, 25 minutes from start to finish.
  9. Jaime C

    Manado must eats

    Are you going to sample bats cooked in coconut milk?
  10. Jaime C

    Bule living in middle class neighbourhood experience

    I always tell people that I married Ibu for her money. Usually I get a confused look, or a chuckle. “Suami bankrut, Ibu bayar”.
  11. Jaime C

    Prime Rib Enquiry

    Perhaps my steak credentials are limited. I love prime ribeyes, and used to get a big one at Ruth’s Chris for my birthday in my 30’s. Prime Rib is fine, but never had the taste of a grilled ribeye. These days, I rarely buy any high end meats at home, in the US. I’ll buy a few $2-3 a pound...
  12. Jaime C

    Where's my sober people at?

    It’s just never appealed to me. At 13-14 in the US, I’d get a thrill out of going to the Circle K and buying a beer. Never liked the taste, certainly. I was lucky if I could stomach half a 12 ounce beer. Getting drunk was never a feeling I enjoyed. Having an alcoholic father, lent a lot...
  13. Jaime C

    Where's my sober people at?

    Alcohol has never had much appeal to me. I might drink a few ounces a year, just to try out a new beverage. Even free high end stuff on planes, lounges and hotels, I’ll just try a sip. If I get a free bottle at a hotel, it usually goes direct to my wife.
  14. Jaime C

    Garden visitors

    We had a huge outdoor spider in our front yard. Never came inside, just stayed in it’s web outside.
  15. Jaime C

    Info: Covid-19 Vaccination sign-ups for 60+ year old people.

    Ibu and myself both got Pfizer shots in Tempe, AZ today. Drive thru style. Pretty quick and efficient. A huge amount of volunteers helping. About 20 minutes. 2nd shot in 3 weeks.
  16. Jaime C

    Info: Covid-19 Vaccination sign-ups for 60+ year old people.

    My 29 year old got her first shot, Pfizer, yesterday in Arizona. Slight headache, and sore arm. Hopefully Ibu and myself will get some vaccine slots when they open more tomorrow.
  17. Jaime C

    Indonesian born children speaking exclusively English

    My daughter went to preschool in Indonesia and has gone to public school in the US, the last few years. I speak english to her, and her mom will speak BI or English to her. She also communicates frequently with her Oma and other Indonesian relatives. We buy her BI books to read, too. Spending...
  18. Jaime C

    Kitas to Kitap

    We tried to renew my 2nd Kitap (unlimited) last year, and the earliest they’d let us start in Bandung was 3 months before expiry. This was in July.

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