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  1. waarmstrong

    Are Trolls Valuable?

    Sarcasm is the art form I prefer, as well.
  2. waarmstrong

    The Indonesian police will now send warning messages to errant social media users.

    Cursing is an art form where the standard banned words need not be used to make and emphasize the intended point.
  3. waarmstrong

    Any american or mexican around ?

    I wonder if the OP has the proper state credentials to be trolling for employees; I also have a concern that the person or persons hired (If that actually happens.) could compromise their status by possibly working illegally.
  4. waarmstrong

    Any american or mexican around ?

    Can someone translate the thread starter into English for me?
  5. waarmstrong

    Are Trolls Valuable?

    No need to disparage and stereotype high school age persons to make your point. Your exaggerated view of Hombre's persona as spoiling for a fight; commenting on the forum with the primary purpose of provoking an argument is not the person I remember.
  6. waarmstrong

    Offshore visa applications possible

    My understanding as well. The Chicago Consulate told us that the authority to issue visas has been centralized with electronic application only through the head Immigration operation in Jakarta. Beyond diplomats, aid workers and perhaps in a few other instances, foriegners are SOL. Things are...
  7. waarmstrong

    Are Trolls Valuable?

    I know I said essentially the same thing earlier, but without the comparison, still ...... In an assessment of the greater harm done between Hombre or the administrators (not referring here to the old moderation team) of the old forum, my thinking is that the administrators did more to...
  8. waarmstrong

    Pro-international banks, max monthly international transfers and expat financial advisors

    I have not been able to use my Mandiri token to access my account from the USA for a year or so. I was told at my Mandiri branch, the last time we were in Indonesia the summer of 2019, that they were moving to the system using the Indonesian phone app, but the tokens would continue to be...
  9. waarmstrong

    Bringing fresh eggs to Indonesia (Jakarta)

    From the Forbes article: In particular, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Eggs: Report from Africa states, “An adult eating just one egg from a free-range chicken foraging in Agbogbloshie area would exceed the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) tolerable daily intake (TDI) for...
  10. waarmstrong

    Bringing fresh eggs to Indonesia (Jakarta)

    According to Best Food Facts dot org (link below) the significant difference between cage-free and regular is the price, with cage-free costing considerably more. Nutritionally they are the same. This is, of course, from the humans view point. The chickens might see it differently, but who...
  11. waarmstrong

    The Uyghur and China discussion thread

    Does not seem like much of a stretch for you.
  12. waarmstrong

    The Uyghur and China discussion thread

    STOP the PRESSES --- Communists are Communists in name only!
  13. waarmstrong

    Indonesia: Expat friendly or not?

    Nice to have a big Indonesian family that look out for me. Generally their advise and counsel keeps me from making an ass out of myself, much to my Indonesian wife's relief. We are in the USA at present but plan to return, probably permanently, in 3 or 4 years; looking forward to moving "home."
  14. waarmstrong

    Garden visitors

    Bedtime reading.
  15. waarmstrong

    Offshore visa applications possible

    I hope this is correct and quickly filters down to our Consulate in Chicago. We may be able to get family based visas.
  16. waarmstrong

    New 5 Year Visa Option Starting To Take Shape

    I think its a bit premature to suggest that the new 5-year visa comes with a requirement that you park 2 billion in a non-interest bearing Indonesian bank account. Its more likely the visa will require investments of some amount in specified things Indonesian. It would be ludicrous to expect a...
  17. waarmstrong

    Pvc glue?

    Priming, or rather cleaning, the joint area is a precautionary step that is often dispensed with world wide. Unless your joint area is unusually dirty, don't bother or simply clean with a mild detergent and water. Really, no need to shell out extra money for a branded primer.

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