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  1. Chiron

    Electric Motor Scooters - Are they the future trend?

    Below is a recent article discussing electric motor scooters in Indonesia. As many are all too aware, Indonesia definitely has it's share of scooters. This would also apply to a number of other places in various Asian regions. The interesting point for me, is that Indonesia has been an oil...
  2. Chiron

    Hand Phone Etiquette - Indonesian Style

    The world is full of noises, and Indonesia has more than it's fair share. One area of noise contribution come from the millions of hand phones owned by Indonesians country wide. It seems that wherever I go, the non stop dinging, or notify sounds from a Samsung Galaxy, or a competitive brand is...
  3. Chiron

    Polygamy in Indonesia

    Recently, Vice Indonesia covered the sensitive topic of polygamy. I have to say the reporter did a pretty good job on this piece, however it's obvious she does not agree with the practice. In fact, they're saying that 86% of Muslim Indonesians oppose polygamy. The video focuses on a group...
  4. Chiron

    Batam Property Ownership for Foreigners

    It could be that I'm reading through some older information on decrees for property ownership in Batam, however it's not clear. Especially after the 2015 decree (No. 103/2015) that expanded the Hak Pakai extensions to 80 years. So here is the question: Can a WNA purchase and own a Hak Milik...
  5. Chiron

    Indonesia - Most Livable Cities Index 2018

    This past April, the Ikatan Ahli Perencanaan Indonesia (Indonesia Planning Expert Association), or simply "IAP" released their Most Livable Cities Index (MLCI) for Indonesia. They apparently do this about every 3 years, with the last one in 2014. The MLCI is a scorecard from an Indonesian's...
  6. Chiron

    Indonesia Returns $250M Yacht To Malaysia

    In this recent news story from Time, the Malaysian prime minister has thanked President Jokowi for returning the $250 million yacht "Equanimity" back to the Malaysian government. Once belonging to Mr. Jho Low who has been seen with celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. As I read...
  7. Chiron

    Living in Two Countries - Pros & Cons

    As the title may have given it away, I'm actually entertaining the idea of retirement in both Indonesia and the US about half & half during the year. I'm not exactly sure about the logistics, but maybe each 3 months make the transit back and forth. The reasons for considering this are probably...
  8. Chiron

    Four Years in Prison - For Religious Defamation

    In a recent news story, there's a man who tried to convert someone to Christianity by quoting a Quran verse. He recorded the conversation in a video account using his iPhone, and uploaded to Facebook. The news article doesn't mention too many details on the investigation and arrest, but cites...
  9. Chiron

    2018 Expat Retiree Tax Analysis

    It's that time of year again for taxes, and this time around, I hired an international tax advisor that specialized in Indonesian taxes for a US expat. I believe that the information would be universal to most other countries, but the USA has a few things that might make it a bit unique. Keep...
  10. Chiron

    Valentine's Day Banned In Some Indonesian Cities

    Okay, I'll be the first to admit that not having Valentine's Day isn't a deal breaker for enjoying life in Indonesia. After all, it's often promoted by greeting card and chocolate companies - not to mention all the flower and rose growers. However, it just seems to be a bit over the top in...
  11. Chiron

    Expat Health Insurance Analysis

    On my recent trip to Indonesia one of my goals was to understand what various people are doing in the way of health insurance. I spoke to both expats and locals (basically my wife's family) and came away with an interesting hodgepodge of answers and recommendations. Here are some of the...
  12. Chiron

    Hak Milik Strata Title

    With regards to a WNA purchasing housing in Indonesia, and being able to have the title in his/her name, it's my understanding that the only possibility is through a "Hak Milik Strata" title. Generally speaking, these are apartment-like flats, or the so called "condotel". They are often in...
  13. Chiron

    International Phone Calls From Indonesia

    Here in the US for my phone land line, I'm currently using the Vonage VOIP service to call locally and internationally. This is mostly for my wife who calls Indonesia almost every day. For $40 per month we get 3000 minutes per month to call any land line in Indonesia. If we call an Indonesian...
  14. Chiron

    TNI Military Chief Denied Entry to US I'm just wondering if this was an error on someone's part? If not, this is a fairly significant diplomatic issue between RI and USA. What could be the reasons? Is someone in the...
  15. Chiron

    Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Skytrain

    Was curious if anyone has had a chance to use the new Skytrain between Terminal 2 and 3 at Soekarno-Hatta. I've been following the news, and watching some vloggers who've posted a couple videos on YouTube, and looks much better than the free shuttle bus. In the videos I watched, didn't notice...
  16. Chiron

    Customs Declaration (exemptions/duties) - Are things changing?

    I've traveled in and out of Indonesia internationally more times than I can remember - mostly through Jakarta. With only one exception, I've never been questioned about the items I've brought into the country. I generally have several electronic devices that include laptop, tablet, smartphone...
  17. Chiron

    Foreign Consultant with KITAS/KITAP Performing Work in Indonesia

    I'm tentatively planning a move from Houston to Solo sometime in the next 6-36 months. The original plan has been a full retirement, and getting a spousal KITAS/KITAP for the visa. However, the idea of semi-retirement (i.e. working part-time) has crossed my mind. As chance would have it, an...
  18. Chiron

    Motor Scooter Theft (Prevention)

    I've been wanting to create this thread for some time now, but wasn't sure how to approach the topic - namely theft prevention of your motor scooter. The slight majority of expats I've met seem have a motor scooter, instead of a car. As well, members of my wife's family mostly have scooters as...
  19. Chiron

    Spousal KITAP Question

    My understanding is that as an expat applying for the spousal KITAP, you'll get a KITAS to begin with for a period of five years. After that you'll receive a KITAP. Does the KITAP need to be renewed after so many years? If so, what's the process and costs? My apologies in advance if this was...
  20. Chiron

    Expats and Driving in Indonesia

    One area of expat life in Indonesia that's referenced often, but would be interesting to get more detail about - is driving. So this thread is for expats who drive, or don't drive - and this would include cars and scooters. I have read story after story of foreigners (expats and tourists) who...

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